Problem With Sharing

In most gyms, there seems to be a variance of peoples physiques, and goals. I think I’m pretty serious about my workouts, but need some help in dealing with other people at the gym. Say that I REALLY want to do leg presses. However, there is this guy using it, who is maybe 130? lbs, and he has a ten pound plate on each side. He also has this huge towel on the machine, and takes like ten minutes between each sell. I don’t mean to stereotype, but this guy usually has “B.O.” too. Anyway, how do I go about getting the leg press from him? I really don’t want to work in with him, for a number of reason. Also, sometimes he will be on a machine for like 30 min, so it is hard for me to work my routine around him. Does anyone have any tips for making these people get out of the way? I know everyone has a right to use to gym, but I am a really crappy golfer, and when I go golfing with my freinds, I don’t let my yelling and swearing interfere with people who are serious.

This is really simple, I am surprised you didn’t figure it out yourself. Just say “Can I work in with you?”. No one in the world will ever say no.

I don’t like working in with those kind of people, I don’t like to share. After a set I am too tired to take my weights off, unless I have too. I would feel so weird if I put like 6 plates on the leg press, when a guy is using 10 lb plates. I mean, there are just certain people I would rather not work in with.

As I see it you have two options: 1) Swallow your “pride” and get over the thought of sharing a machine with “this guy” or 2) Wait your fucking turn, and maybe in the duration you can get over your insecurities/selfishness about sharing a machine. I guess you could also live up to your name, be a total bitch and ask the guy to scram. Or better yet, ask daddy to make him leave.

What I usually do is like if he is using the leg press machine I ll go to the Squat rack and throw up as much as I can “wich is usually more than the guy on the leg press” then I proceed to do squats yelling at the top of my lungs getting his attention… Then when I am done I stand about two feet away from the guy and just stare at him with a smile “kinda like saying thats all he can do” he usually gets off pretty quick

I find that in cases where someone is really hogging a machine, they really don’t want to be there anyway. I mean if someone is on a machine and busting their ass, thats cool, but if it’s like you say, then ask to work in, he will probably whimper off at the thought of having to help load and unload all the plates you need. But even though I take craps that are sometimes more than 130 lbs, I am never disrespectful of another persons right to use the equipment.

Load yours up, after he sees you doing more than him, he won’t get back on it.

wow, somebody is a bit cranky. I think everyone has experienced the same thing, thats why i don’t go to my current gym any more. If possible, workout at home.

Just ask him how long he will be or how many sets he has left. That usually speeds people up.

You do realize of course that by not wanting to let others work in with you you’re basically guilty of the same thing this guy is. My suggestion would be to skip the leg press altogether, go hit the squat rack.

I just used the leg press as an EXAMPLE, it is obvious that the type of person I am talking about does not do squats.

So should I yell at the top of my lungs doing squats??? :slight_smile:

I’m not saying the guy should leave, he just shouldn’t hog the machine. Usually such a person comes to the gym for a few weeks, and then gives up, so maybe if I told them that I want to use the machine, they would be happy, since it would give them a reason to leave.

I get insecure if I am lifting more than a guy, so it is kind of embarassing in a way if I kick his butt on an exercise.

avoidsroids is right, if you just go “how many sets ya’ got left?” he will probably see your serious and move on, if he doesn’t will it REAY matter if you did say, hacks or something else that day? and to AL, I must say even though I hate violence, though it seems to follow me at times usualy from people w/small mans complex, even if I did not know the guy that you were doing that to I would have to SAY something to you, chill out man

Well, sometimes these people are on stuff that I really want to do, like they have to act tough and do bicep curls in the squat rack. I find that if I ask how many sets they have left, they start blabbing to me, and thinking they are tough. They start telling me how they do like 30 sets for legs, that makes them grow. Trust me, it’s better if I don’t say anything to them, they seem to crave my attention. In my gym situation, it is either deal with these people, or deal with 25 horny guys on steroids trying to talk me.

Well you could take another approach and sleep with all of them, then they would leave you alone, lets face it, we never want what we’ve already had.

All I am going to say is that I am 5’10" 190 10% body fat 18 yrs old believe it or not I really dont care… One more thing if some guy is wasting his/my time by doing countless sets of leg presses with 100 lbs “for example” I am going to say something dont waste my time…I dont waste his…

Al, do you really yell and try to intimidate people at your gym? What would you do if the guy on the legpress tells you to go fuck yourself? I am assuming of course that you will only mess with very small men.

Dude I bench 280 squat 400 on the smith 375 on the squat rack So yea I CAN intimidate any one I want

AL, so many fucking guys can lift weights but not fight it’s funny. Also, alot of people own and use guns, and if you are such a bad ass, Joe average would be well justified in defending himself with a pistol. How much can you squat with a slug in your face? I bet a 10 pound plate to the back of the head would sting too. At least you might make the evening news.

I would like to add that it works to intimidate people. One time I was training legs with my freind (female on steroids) and we were doing squats. A lady was using the leg press, and she randomly came up and asked us if we needed it, since she didn’t want to be in our way.

And to address the comment about sleeping with these guys, most guys on steroids can’t get it up, or are so small, so I really am not interested.

Sorry i realize this is getting off the topic but come on AL for someone who shoots his mouth off as much as you do i thought you’d at least be strong. Your stats are decent but i’m just a kid at 165 and can beat them all. So why dont you just calm down and become more approachable before the guy doing 100 lbs on leg press kicks your ass with some karate shit.