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Problem with Russian Squat rRoutine


I'm on the third week of http://www.exrx.net/WeightTraining/Weightlifting/RussianSquatProgramGenerator.html and last week I blew through the six sets of 5, today I just the 6x6 which ended up being 4x6, and 4x3 to get the same total reps. There wasn't a shot in hell of another 2 sets of six. Did I just fuck the program over? or should I continue?


If your not making all of the sets I would just carry on doing my best making sure I ate more and rested up as well as I could.

You could try (if you haven't already) resting more between sets and drinking a heavily caffeinated drink before your workout, i find they give me the momentum for a bit of extra volume.

Have you tried 5/3/1?


I would continue if i were you and just see how things play out in the upcoming workouts. If youre unable to complete the sets/reps for the next couple i would probably stop.

And i know you probably dont even know me, but where have you been dude?! Youre training log was my favorite to read and I seriously miss reading it!


I'm hoping you put in a fairly conservative estimated max or real max. But keep doing it and get back would like to hear how it finishes


Yes, I've done many cycles of 5/3/1. It worked well for me in everything the first time I did it, The most recent time, everything but my squat went up. So here I am.


I've had a lot of exams and papers in the past 2 weeks. I didn't sleep well, and I've been working a lot. I'm under a lot of stress so it plays a role. But I don't want to fuck around with this. I need results. I had mono and surgery, got weak, now I'm getting strong again.


I used a conservative max. Although I am squatting ATG with this program.


Lower the max so you can complete your reps. Then eat. Eating is no. 1. Failure to do so, and it will all end in tears.


eating a whole sausage and pepperoni pizza, and a 80 gram protein shake right now.


If you are squatting to parallel in competition why squat ATG? Are you at least squatting ATG in the style of your competition squat? These weightlifting programs do not require you to squat in an olympic style.

Good on the pizza + shake. Keep the eating up! :stuck_out_tongue:


I squat with oly shoes on and with a close stance. If I were doing this much squatting cutting the squats at parallel my knees would probably be killing me right now. I won't be competing for quite a while so it's no damage, and I would like to stay flexable in the full squat.


I read through a discussion, I believe in some Pendlay forums or weightlifting forums discussing high frequency on lifts. They discussed a "dark period" with lowered performance where your body is remodeling the necessary physiology to adapt to increased load.

That being said, I understand that this program is set up so that you can complete it. So...I'd concur with continue your eating and try to sleep more!


As someone who's done it and had a few athletes do it as well I would REALLY emphasize the eating and recovery part.

  1. Make sure the Fats [Capital F] are up there. Your hormones will not be able to get shit done without enough fat. The more bacon i eat the stronger i am.

  2. Judiciously foam roll [or PVC pipe if poss] the shit out of your quads, glutes and hams. This will be the only thing that gets you thru sets in further weeks.

  3. SLEEEEEEEPPP. I cannot explain in language how important this is. To win at RSR or smolov your life must be boring as hell. If you arent getting in bed during the single digits [ie.8-9pm] you will be crushed under foot like a puppy at a Scottish elephant dance recital.

  4. Ephedrine. since you cant inject ice cream into your CNS you'll need 32mg of this stuff 15min pre WO.

  5. beta alanine, creatine in a solid liter or more of gatorade 45min preWO. Unless you got anaconda/SWF type shit this unit will hyper hydrate you. Being Prehydrated [Cap P] makes life mucho easier.

  6. Belt, sleeves etc. I'm sure you know this.

And If none of this works then id follow stallions advice of taking the RM down about 5% or so. He's done this before [and smolov about 2000 times] and knows what it takes to finish the program. I always use a conservative RM [based on crispy form] with clients. It still works like a hot damn. got 155lb 2RM to a 245lb 3RM out of one of my mans.



Oh muh gawd it's Zephead!


  1. Three weeks and one day in I've gained 10 pounds, more protein powder is in transit to my house right now.

  2. Will try to get a pvc pipe, so far I've been alright though. My money is so tight right now.

  3. I've been sleeping more, but my work weeks are getting longer and I'm a college student. I have some hours standing though now instead of running and heavy lifting every shift

  4. I drink a diet dew about about a half hour to an hour before my workout. I have a horrible sweating problem when it comes to stimulants, so I stay away from them now.

  5. I'm on creatine again for the first time in like 2 years. Beta alanine isn't an option right now. The money is better spent on 4x mcdoubles post workout.

  6. No sleeves, and I'm doing it beltless. I might wrap up for the last few heavy workouts. I don't have access to any decent belts, I'm rather lift raw than get hurt using one of the piece of shit belts that prevent me from breathing and provide no support.

  7. The 5x5 workoout was difficult but with no problems.

I'm busting my fucking nuts doing this, working 30 hours a week doing mostly physical work and doing it extremely fast, and getting all my essays finished and studying for tests. Fast food is really helping me recover. There's no easier way to get down 100 grams of protein and likr 2000 calories than mcdonalds. I'm not really worried about bodyfat %. I have to literally sprint, and lift heavy boxes at work, usually in 34 degrees. It's hard to put weight on period. Also, I have no reliable spotter. The only time I've had a spotter was the 6x6 workout. I'll be completely honost. My girlfriend makes my life so much easier by being supportive, I wouldn't be able to do this without her.




I do want to stick to high frequency training, but I straight up don't have the time to do shieko. If anyone has any ideas that would allow for any deadlifting (even if it's reletively light) that would allow squatting 3x a week. I'm open for ideas. I can lift during all the weekdays.


There is a 3-lift version of the Russian Squat Routine. It has you squatting and benching on Mondays and Fridays, and deadlifting on Wednesdays. It is a ball-buster of a program, but a former poster on here (undesired) swore by it. How much time exactly do you have for training?


I would like to cap it to an hour and a half maximum on any particular day. but even more like an hour would be better


can't find it, could you point me in the right direction? I'm very interested.