Problem With My Pecs

was a big guy, working out 4 days a week and training for a lot of triathlons. Was 270lbs and now 210. One problem those freaken boy tits that were there have gone down but haven't went away .  They seem to be hanging around.

what are some good exercises to cut them down and let my new pecks show?

thanks in advance

If you’re referring to fatty tissue in the “Pecs”, then it could be a result of loose skin from the weight loss, or it could be gyno.

Go to a doctor and have it checked. You may need surgery.

If you’re lean, you shouldn’t have man tits (unless it’s gyno).

Welcome to the site man!

What races are you training for?

nope not gyno… just some fatty tissue I think. Not real big tits just not hard like i want them and slowly forming to what I want but maybe not fast enough. Was just wondering the best exercises to create a nice lean peck rather then a large over bearing one (big guy with already kind of over bearing, tall strong)


Dude, sorry to say, you just might be fat. Before you start thinking I’m an asshole, know that I was there once in the same position. Once I woke up to the fact that you don’t have to be 200+ to be a bodybuilder/“look big”, the “moobs” started to go away. The only way to bring out your pecs is the same as your abs; loose the layer of fat overtop of them. Wouldn’t a slimmer waist make your chest look bigger?

I’m a fairly skinny guy, and I still have some fat around the nipple area which makes my pecs look like manboobs. It’s not gyno, it’s just I’ve never been all that shredded.

Chances are, it’s excess skin from when you were a big lad mixed in with a little bit of fat.

If you really lean down and get a ‘6 pac’ and everything and it’s still just as bad, maybe it could be gyno.