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Problem With My Cycle...


Hey guys...I've been lurking on this forum for about a week or so and I'm hoping you can help me with a question that I have. I'm a female, 21 years old, and I was planning on starting my first anavar cycle next week.

Here's the problem: I'm going down to vegas for 5 days to see the Mr. Olympia...so basically my diet/training/sleep are going to be shot for 5 days. I'd like to think that I could stick to my plan, but it's pretty unlikely. Would it hurt me to be mid-cycle and not working out for those 5 days or would I be better off to wait until after I get back from my trip? Thanks!



here's an article that may help.


just because you are away travelling doesn't mean you can't get productive workouts in.

having a difficult 4 to 5 days mid cycle won't kill you......it may hinder your gains a little and slow your progress, but it won't kill you. what are your goals? is this cycle planned as a prep for something like a comp? goals and timelines may dictate what you do.....you may have to just tough it out for those 4-5 days.....or if you can, you could just hold off on starting your cycle until you are able to put 100% effort in throughout the whole of it.


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thanks juice...that article was hilarious...but could end up being really helpful. I'm not quite as worried about my workouts as I am about my diet. I'm not familiar enough with anavar to know how much your diet affects your progress. If I end up getting quality work-outs in, is a 5-day poor diet still going to affect my gains? Also, is getting the stuff through the airport going to be a problem for me?


Take the Var you need for your trip and put it in an empty midol container if your paranoid about it


your diet doesn't really have to suffer all that much. supplements...whey protein...protein bars etc etc can be brought along with you. eating in restaraunts doesn't have to be a total compromise either...just make smart choices and you can always ask for your order to be altered however you like.

i'm not too sure about taking the var along. although i would venture a guess at saying you could probably put the tabs in an advil or tylenol bottle and stick it in your carry-on with all your bathroom supplies etc. shouldn't be an issue in my estimation.


If u don't mind me asking, what are your stats and training history. Oh yea, and what dose of anavar are you looking at?



I can't see your diet lacking for total intake or protein while at the olympia. I mean if you are going to the expo you will be pretty much forced to eat and drink some type of protein supp every few feet.

Thats what we duid last year. would simply spend the day being force fed various shakes, bars, etc.. Then hit up a quality Buffet at night rinse and repeat.

If your goal is to add muscle then I dont see a few days of BIG eating being bad and may even aid in extra recovery and growth.


No, I don't mind at all. I've been training for two years straight now (five if you discount a year break in the middle), and I've competed once (figure). I train heavy and hard, to failure; always have, always will. I typically work out 5-6 days/week, little to no cardio. Here are my stats:

Female, 21 years old

5'6" 148lbs

bf%: unknown...guessing mid-20's (not the greatest, but I'm fine with that off-season)

I'm very happy with my current physique, but like everyone here, there are changes that I'd like to make Bodybuilders are never happy :wink: I feel like I'm in a training rut...slow gains, both size and strength-wise.

I'm planning on cycling anavar for 10-12 weeks (I'm buying a 12 wk supply)...at 5mg/day (2.5 bid) for the first and last weeks and 10mg/day (5mg bid) for the others. I had my full blood and liver function tests completed today and everything came back clear, so I'm good to go when the time's right. Has anybody else gotten pre-first-cycle jitters like this?? :slightly_smiling: