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Problem with Lifting Platform

I have a standard 8x8 lifting platform with a power rack on top. The center portion is plywood with rubber mats on the sides. problem is when I squat I feel my feet slowly slipping outwards on the plywood. I have been thinking of laying down a commercial grade thin carpet in the space where the power rack sits. any other ideas would be appreciated. for those that squat on carpet id like to hear any pros, cons, or installation tips.

We were having a similar problem on the rubber floor mats. Especially when things got humid or frosty.

We put in the commercial, rubber-backed floor mats you can buy at Home Depot, cut around the legs of the rack (our rack/mono has elevated lower rails) and duct-taped it down.

It has been in heavy use for three years, and the carpet is starting to wear enough to be replaced. Not bad for a $20 mat.

how about some sort of anti-slip mat or tape

We squat and deadlift on some cheap thin carpet. Works well, no real cons vs. rubber.
Didn’t need to staple or glue it either, just made sure that it extended beyond the rack and beyond the deadlift platform.

Same here. We bought a cheap carpet mat to put under our monolift. Traction is much better. We just set the carpet down and put the mono on top of it; no taping, stapling or gluing.