Problem with Libido - SHBG?

It’s not hormonal your problem, do you watch porn or smoke weed?

I start no fap 5 days ago

This forum is really good for TRT, but you are on the wrong forum

You think its not hormonal problem bro?

Look at your hormones you just uploaded they are super normal, you are 22 to me it’s not a hormonal thing

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There are people that need higher to feel normal. Certainly not most, but it isn’t unheard of.

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I made an appointment with a doctor who deals with doping in my country - admittedly, the visit will be expensive, but I think this person will know what to advise me in terms of solutions to all urologists / endocrinologists who do not see the problem in me. For a year, symptoms of testosterone deficiency and I don’t want to live.

  • I do not know what’s going on. before yesterday I took 2.5 mg of cialis, yesterday also and I have a problem with my penis. I’m not going to get an erection in a flash and the penis is somehow numb. I don’t know if it’s stress or what’s going on
  • If I have too little free testosterone because after the last results I got about 1.95%, can I not feel excitement and not have too much feeling in my penis? the testicles are contracted almost all the time and pulled up.

my doctor found my results okay except shbg and lh high. she said my testicles are probably not working properly. It looks like I have a high shbg for my age which binds most of the testosterone - the body is demanding testosterone, lh increases and in fact there is not much of this testosterone. First, she wanted to try winstrol / proviron to increase dht, increase free testosterone, mask shbg. If he feels better or worse, do some research. then jump on clomid month, if there is no difference, trt.

Stay away from Clomid. I had taken them for 7 months and it completely destroyed my libido.

Clomid will increase SHBG and this outcome is already known. It also can have nasty side effects, the most common is low or no libido/mental benefits. The use of clomid is more than likely to cover your docs ass should the medical board start asking questions why this doc gave TRT to a 22 year old.

Most report feeling no different or worse on clomid, so it’s not a very good diagnostic tool to see if someone is going to feel better with higher test.

I have a new laboratories
Total testosterone: 699 NG/dl (2.49-8.36)
Shbg: 43.70 nmol/l (18.3-54.1)
Albumin: 4.89 (3.5-5.2)
Lh: 4.88 (1.7-8.6)
FSH: 4.53 (1.5-12.4)

I started taking Proviron because I have no reliance on doctors and any other treatment but Viagra. Proviron handled it on my own. I have been supplementing this drug for a week - 125 mg in total went. I take half a tablet a day. my erection has improved, there is more sperm, I feel better, I have more energy. A month ago, my shbg level was 38, it rose again to around 43 nmol. after calculating the calculator comes out 1.76% free test (probably not enough) What do you think about all this?

Probably you don’t wanna hear that but there is absolutely nothing wrong with your hormones, they are perfect, but from here they are gonna go downhill after you start Proviron

System say my ft is lis i think its good idea

I have new results. I was at the visit to the andrologist - he spread his hands saying that my total testosterone is high and shbg is not a problem of my symptoms, which I doubt very much.

total Testosterone: 753 ng dl (249-836)
albumin: 5.2 (3.9-5.2)
shbg: 45.30 (18-54)
ft counted: 12.7ng dl (1.69%)
bioactive testosterone: 357ng dl (47%)

I really don’t know what to think about it - fatigue, lack of sexual desire and erection problems. - it is worth admitting that the cialis in small doses works well for me, but so what. I have such problems at the age of 22 and what will happen in 2 years? I have been tired for a year.

Keep investigating. You probably have other issues.

For one thing read what causes higher shbg.

Did you ever did a complete blood work up.
Check lipids, fasting insulin, thyroid, metabolic panel,. What’s you blood pressure, medication you take? Supplements? Recreational drugs?

Next labs:
Total t: 676 NG/dl
Albumin: 5.08
Lh: 4.27
Estradiol 29.6 (11-43)
Prolactin 23.1 (4.1-15.2)
Shbg 42.10 (18-54)

I have new laboratories. problem with getting a full erection, keeping. I threw half of the Dostinex on the prolactin breakdown. How can I fix this erection - I really have no idea anymore. try to combine testosterone with the underground?

Did you happen to test Free Testosterone?

Some guys chase libido all their life. And never find the answer.

Does viagra or cialis do anything? Daily cialis would probably work wonders for you.

I always have free testosterone ELISA method in the middle of the fork, i.e. 21.16.19 pg / ml (9.1-32.2), while according to the calculator my ft is around 12-13 ng / dl (which is reportedly low for my age -1.70%) If I use Viagra or Cialis, the erection is okay - after the body I can get a good erection even 4 days after taking 2.5mg, but without the supports, the penis falls quickly and is not completely hard - I do not know whether hormones or something else are at fault

There is such a thing called a veinous leak. Penis gets hard, but wont stay hard. Kinda rare.