Problem with Libido - SHBG?

Hello. I have had a big problem with potency, libido and chronic fatigue, mood fluctuations for a year now. I’m looking for the cause, doctors only prescribe sildenafil -the testicles seem smaller, not enough sperm, I’m tired of it. I think it is the fault of hormones, and more precisely SHBG. I don’t have morning erections, my libido is mega weak, I can’t get excited and get a full erection. I get up tired, I’m tired during the day. I’ll give you the hormone results, what do you think? Its a problem with shbg?

Total Test: 6.56 ng/ml (2.49-8.36)
Prolactin: 11.3 (4.04-15.2)
Albumin: 5.16 (3.5-5.2)
SHBG: 40.60 (18.3-54.1)

Total Test: 8.93 (2.49-8.36) !!
Prolactin: 4.1 (4.04-15.2)
SHBG: 55.90 (18.3-54.1) !!!
LH: 7.32 (1.7-8.6)
FSH: 5.67 (1.5-12.4)
Estradiol: 37.1 (11.3-43.2)
Free Testosterone: 21.16 (9.1-32.2)

Total Testosterone: 6.73
SHBG: 43.80
LH: 8.66
FSH: 5.28
TSH, FT3,FT4, ALT, AST its okey

in 2019 I also tested several times in another laboratory and the shbg oscillated within 41-45 nmol (all the symptoms of testosterone deficiency)
Please just help me - all these symptoms like tst deficiency its shbg? I took nettles root, zync, Wit. D, magnezium And more supplements and this dont work for me. Im just wait for reply and thanks for the help.

Here your LH is above range and this points to a strong pituitary response, together with high SHBG and symptoms of low-T, typically in these cases SHBG is the culprit or more accurately the liver. Whenever you see LH above ranges, it’s without a doubt the body attempting to get the body more testosterone.

All your testing shows a Free T percentage below 2%, normal Free T percentage is between 2-3 percent. On 7/7/20 your SHBG increased as did your Total T and more than likely Free T decreased which scores a Free T percentage at 1.69 %.

If directly measured Free T is the direct immunoassay method of testing, it’s worthless.

Hello. Thank you for the reply. what do I mean by that? what should i do with it? I was recently with the results at the urologist when my shbg was above normal, he didn’t care - cialis prescribed. He finally wants to function normally. I am tired every day, I have a problem with libido and erection which bothers me the most and I am 22 years old. Please help me

How tall are you? What do you weigh? Do you take any other medications?

I 5’11, 82 kg. I exercise in the gym 3x on the week i eat healthy. What can i do with my symptomps?

You’ll be hard pressed to locate a doc in mainstream medicine that has enough education to understand hormonal problems, especially sex hormones which isn’t even covered in medical school or residency.

TRT is a bit of a controversy, most providers are hesitant to prescribing TRT do to all the misinformation related to the risk of TRT, like heart attacks and strokes that occured in the older men, which isn’t surprising given their poor state of health from the start, however different outcomes were seen in the younger men.

Your age is a big factor for docs denying TRT, a lot of docs will only prescribe TRT to older men. You need a doc the lives and breathes TRT everyday, someone who has figured things out. These docs usually are private and only accept cash payment often refusing to take insurance.

at the moment what can I do myself? I read that proviron can lower shbg only or permanently? in general, can shbg levels like mine give symptoms of testosterone deficiency?

Start searching for private hormone clinics (or telemedicine clinics) with reputable docs with good reviews, not these T-Mills that give TRT to anyone with a wallet where pure profit is the name of the game.

Usually when one stops TRT and previously had high SHBG, the high SHBG usually returns.

If SHBG is high enough, it will create a condition in which the free portion of testosterone is low causing symptoms of low-T, so while your body has lots of testosterone, it is inert or bound to SHBG and therefore unusable.

A lot of our testing methods just aren’t good enough and there isn’t even a consensus of what constitutes a testosterone deficiency when looking at Free T levels alone. You have chemicals in the environment causing androgen resistance even though testosterone levels are ideal where more testosterone is needed to overcome.

the only problem is that there are no such clinics in my country. I have been visiting doctors for a year … I have been to urologists and andrologists, according to them, with hormones, I eat everything in matters and matters is the head. the only question is whether the head would have been playing such tricks for a year?

I don’t know if it is permanent but my shbg dropped from 42 to 30 in a couple of months with proviron. I am in the same boat as you. Low libido and Ed almost 2 years after last cycle… Everything seems ok in the blood work but Ed persists… I took proviron at 50mg Ed and 3 weeks later I was getting morning wood Ed was almost cured. But this only lasted for a week or 2.Then the symptoms came back and I was still taking proviron…keep in mind that when shbg drops total t will follow.

First thing you should do is 12 months of Cialis daily. After some time this should be triggering nocturnal wood. Youll notice the difference, even if libido is low, but youll have a working dick. TRT along with Cialis should make you a reliable walking erection.

What country?

as far as I know, cialis will not cure my erection, it will remove the symptom of incomplete erection, so without a pill it will probably still be weak. Can such a cialis treat erections in the long run?

even as shbg is around 42 nmol, I have about 1.70% of free testosterone per conversion, which seems to me not enough, as they wrote above. so I probably have to lower it shbg to feel fine, but I doubt the doctor with my results will throw me on trt

Youre missing the point. A full year f daily cialis makes your dick stronger, and its easy to stop using it after a year to see how well you do without it. But go on keep looking for a quick fix.

Cialis will increase blood flow and may repair some tissue, but it’s not going to increase the brain signal to cause the erection. I think that’s what hes getting at.

Some people build tolerance to cialis and it stops working. In the long run your testosterone situation will get worse and cialis won’t be able to correct your low Free T which is what’s likely causing your erectile issues.

Then he has no choice but to get TRT by tanking his values by eating shitty, staying up late and drinking.

I will see an andrologist tomorrow. let’s see what he says about shbg and free testosterone

Today i get new bloodwork test:
Prolactin - 10.4 (4.04-15.2)
Testoosterone total - 6.93 (2.49-8.39)
Albumin 4.86 (3.5-5.2)
Shbg 38.40 (18.1-54.4)
Estradiol 32.9 (11.3-43.2)
PSA 0.658 (0-4)

What do you think about it?

No free T?