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Problem With Ipod Mini



This question is for Ipod owners;

When I plug my Ipod using the USB cable into my work computer; Itunes launches OK & everything BUT now my connected Ipod is NO longer recognized by itunes and when I click on the ipod icon to open my ipod it is empty.

When I disconnect the ipod it works fine and all the songs are still there (whew).....

Anybody have any ideas why this is happening here and how I can fix/rememdy it? The ipod works fine & my library shows up on my home computer (???)... maybe my work computer firewalls it?

Any help would be appreciated before I have to hand over like $80 to extend my warranty thru apple.com and get tech support, etc...


Sorry I don't have the answer to your question, just wanted to say nice avatar...who is she??


IPod has very very strict copyright laws and therefore (from my understanding) you can only "plug" it in to the computer you had it registered with. This is so that you cannot go to a friends computer and take their songs and download them onto your IPod. Def. dont register your work computer and plug your IPod in though because it will erase your music.


Yeah, is the work computer the computer that you originally synched the iPod with? Because the original computer will be the one that sees it as an iPod with Playlists, etc. An additional computer will just see it as a storage device.

At least, that's what I THINK happened; I'm only synching mine with one computer.


You can plug your ipod into any computer. I do it with my ipod and I have plugged others ipods into my computer without problems.

Go to www.ipod.com and go to the support pages. There is a lot of info there. Sign up there. I had problems with my mini and almost had it sorted out! I finally had to go to the apple store...turned out my ipod was fried! However it was out of warrenty, but they recognized the fact that I tried to fix it on my own and they appreciated that. They replaced it for free even out of warrenty. Good luck.



I registered off my work computer yes... and I go from my sister's computer @ home and my GF's at her house and NO problems at either place in launching my ipod off their itunes... I'm thinking my computer at work is bugged or they upgraded their firewalls and I need an IT dude to reinstall itunes or at least enable me to get the latest version... boooo...

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