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Problem With Imbalance?


Hey T-Nation. I'm an 18 year old guy from England who's been training for about 3 months now (I realise that due to that this should be in the Beginner section, but hear me out) and I've noticed something that's hindering my progress.

Before I go to a doctor about it I'd like to ask here first. Basically my right shoulder feels inflexible and unwieldy when compared to my left. Movements such as a Military press and Bench Press are unaffected by this, however whenever I attempt a Dumbbell Lateral Raise, I would not be able to lift my right up past parallel to the floor.

This peculiarity also strongly affects my ability to perform movements such as a Barbell Pullover, where the tightness seems to stretch down my right Lat, in addition to the Deltoid heads.

I believe I have a muscle imbalance as my shoulders when resting are pulled forward, and I'm working the back and rear Deltoid heads more with the aim of readdressing this.

However, this imbalance is present in both arms (as a result of slouching prior to beginning lifting) yet the tightness exists only in my right.

If it's any additional help, I am left handed, and I originally thought this tightness was just a result of that bias.

Do you guys have any idea what might be going on and how I can tackle it? It's not painful, just strange and irritating.


I'm not sure you really want to lift to the side past parallel anyway. You should be lifting the weights to the side, then when it hit parallel, rotate your shoulders so the weights are going up but your upper arms are staying parallel...

Do a search for rotator cuff exercises and follow the three exercises they list in there...some pictures at the bottom that show what I'm talking about. Hope that helps.


I understand that, it's just the point I'm getting at is I wouldn't be able to move above parallel if I had tried :slightly_smiling:
Thanks for the tips, I'll look it up.