Problem with eating alot

Guys, help! Your fellow T-man is in distress.

I know for hardgainers, you have to eat eat eat eat and then eat some more.

This is my problem, every time I up the food intake, my stomache starts hurting like a b!tch! Horrific pain! I can eat max 4 meals a day without my stomache giving me absolute hell(crapping ur guts out)

I starte eating 6 small meals a day, or even 5 small meals a day, and my stomache hurts like hell.

What can I do? I need to eat, to gain muscle mass.


The only thing I can think of to say is what are you eating that makes your stomach “feel like crap”?? You stated that you eat 4 meals per day and that if you eat 6 or even 5, your stomach begins to hurt. Well, if you eat 700-1000 calories per meal and you only eat 4 meals…you will feel like crap!! Now, just play along with me…if you eat 4 meals a day (as you stated) and lets say that in those meals you eat 800 calories…thats 3200 calories! Why not just spread those calories out over 6 meals instead. Dont eat so much per meal my man. Pretty simple really. I make it a point to eat every 2-2.5 hours. And I eat 6-7 times per day. I would have to say that an average meal for me contains around 500 calories (give or take a few dozen) and that comes to be around 3000 per day…and I rarely feel like crap, I feel satisfied. So, I guess the only advice I can give is spead those calories out during the day!

See a doctor. That’s nuts. I don’t want to diagnose you with anything, as I’m far from a medical practioner, but that sounds like something’s wrong to me.

Are they stomach cramps? Is it a burning sensation? Is it in response to protein? Carbs? Fats? A combination? There are many questions to be addressed.

I had a similar problem when i first started bulking

after my 4th meal or so i would get a bad pain in the bellybotton area

FOR ME the end result was too much food at one time combined with indigestion

As suggested earlier i took the same amount of cals and spread them over 6 meals and took tums with my 5th and 6th meal. This worked for me, but not sure if you are having same pains!

That only happens to me when I eat too much in one sitting. So, unless you’ve got some medical problem like everyone mentioned, that’s probably what you’re doing.

You’ve tried eating smaller meals more frequently? Eat even smaller meals even more frequently. :slight_smile:

Actualy that’s the thing, the 4 meals are not big meals or small meals, they are in between.

What Im saying is that I need to start eating more, cause I can’t make gains right now.

But when I try to eat more, my stomache hurts. It’s a cramping/burning sensation.

Basicly, I need to kno how to UP the food intake alot, and get my stomache NOT hurting, and on track.

Sounds like you might be eating something that doesn’t quite agree with you. Perhaps your lactose intolerant (dairy) or gluten intolerant (wheat)? What kind’ve foods do you typically eat and drink? If it isn’t a problem with the food then could be a problem with your digestion in this case extra digestive enzymes, glutamine along with betaine HCL could help. To quell your stomach pains you could try using ginger.

Possibly too simple and you’ve already tried it, but LIQUID calories may be the way to go.

Throw in 2-3 MRP’s between solid meals. If you are in desperate need of extra calories, you can add some healthy fats e.g. peanut butter, flax, to the concoction to up the calories further.

I very much doubt there’s a medical problem here (possibly a mental one), but if you are unsure, then I second Timbo’s idea of seeing a doc. Can’t hurt. SRS

You need to build up your digestive system, just like anything else. You might need to ease yourself into big eating over a period of time. You can’t just cram yourself full of food without building up to that. Certainly not every meal, every day.

I also agree with everyone who said to eat SMALL meals 6 times a day. S-M-A-L-L meals! You need to eat something you know you can digest in a couple of hours, in time for the next feeding.

No it’s not the foods.

I’ve been eating them my whole life, just when I up the caloric intake, thats when my stomache hurts.

How can I Get my stomache used to that much foood?

Hmmmmmmm, in those 4 meals, it’s about 500 cals each, that’s not much. That’s 2000? Barely. I need more, that’s why i try to eat 6, 500 cal meals to get up to 3000, but my stomache kills. Even when I eat 2500 still hurts usualy.

2000 just isn’t gonna cut it for me, I need more. But I gotta get my stomache used to it.


Why don’t you split them up smaller and eat more often? Instead of 6 times, eat 9-10 times or something? Or how about drink more shakes?

liquid cals might be your answer as suggested. try adding powerade, yogurt, and essinail fats to your protein shakes.

Nah, don’t have the extra $$ for suppliments.

9-10 meals a day. Im gonna be eating all the time lol.

Ne way I can get used to 6 meals a day?

how about trying to drink low fat milk in between meals. if you knock back 2litres in a day extra thats over 600 extra cals.
Now thats cheap…
its not an extra meal…
your not lactose intoreant so that should be fine…
if you cant drink 2 litres in 24 hours there is something seriously wrong with you.
what excuse have you got for this?


Milk is the answer!

Wooo hoo, I can drunk a tonn of that!

It dosn’t give me the carbs and protein, but I guess this is the best I can do for now.

Well! hallelujah, we can all breathe easily again.
(I’ve read some limp threads in the past but this…).

Dude the clas in milk have to come from somewhere and if its low or fatfree milk then the cals are of carb and protein source.

1 cup fat-free milk
91 cals 8.8 pro 13 carb 0.03 fat

You do the math for the amount you plan to drink!

True, that is alot of protein and carbs.

64 pro i think

Guys, 1 final question.

Is it possible for me to train my stomache? What I mean is, start off eating 4 meals a day, and then increase every week(very very slowly) by half a meal, then the next week by another half, and so forth. Untill, im at 6 meals a day. Do you think this will get my stomache used to this food, without hurting?


Could you describe what you are eating for each of these meals? And when? Also how close to your workouts?

One good way to get use to 6 meals a day is to eat the same amount of calories, but split between 6 meals instead of your normal 4. (Example - 2000 calories divided by six would be 333 calories per meal.) Try to divide the time between meals as equally as possible, being sure to eat as soon as possible after getting up, and right before going to bed.

After you get use to eating like this, add 50 - 100 calories to the first, third, and fifth meals a couple times a week. Every once in a while add calories to the second, fourth, and sixth meals instead. Be more careful adding to those meals though. Keeping the even meals lower in calories might give you more time to digest, and not fill your stomach between the large meals.

I do find that my stomach does get use to extended changes in diet. After dieting I have trouble putting away normal sized meals, and after bulking it seems like a normal meal isn’t enough.

When I last bulked, I got a simple whey protein and mixed it with ice cream and milk to make a real protein shake. I also didn’t skimp on regular shakes either just to add calories. Ok maybe not exactly following a Berardi diet, but good if you have trouble getting enough calories.