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Problem with Cycle for Kick Boxing


hello i am a proffessional kick thai boxing fighter and i have a big fight in 24 of june!the problem is that i used for 7 weeks until now for first time steroids especially testosterone prop and anavar but i think that the doses was very big for what i need for my sport!
here the dossages :

test prop 100 mg eod (7 weeks)
anavar 60 mg every day (2 weeks)
arimidex 1/2 eod

with this cycle after 5-6 weeks my stamina and endurance is very very bad
i cant fight like this and i need ur help!

what can i do?

this week i take test prop 50 mg eod and anavar 20 mg every day but i am not beter my stamina is also in very low levels and i cant hit after 1.5 minute because of the pump!
i feel my hands tired and my legs pain too much when i am moving.
i forgot to say that i take more than 3 kilos in 2 weeks!
now i am 70 kilos with 7% body fatt!

please help me!