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Problem Using Refill Scripts from Previous Dr?

I just started with defy and my old script still has 2 refills. I would like to get them just to have a reserve im just wondering if it will cause a problem with them showing up in the prescription monitoring program. As far as i know they are state run programs that dont overlap even though that doesnt make much sense . maybe if they auto fill them ill take them with my other scripts I’m just weary about actually calling in the refill.

Doesn’t matter you’ll have the medicine till it’s available to be filled.

Yes i have medicine but what im saying is my old script that would be due for refill in a couple weeks has a couple refills. They also expire 6 months from when the first script was written according to law. It would be nice to collect on those refills so i have an emergency stash. Just worried doing so would cause problems. I just read that all state pdmp,s all share info now. Just wondering if anyone had ran into a similar situation. Like I said before if i show up for my other meds and it happens to be included ill take it and should be good but if i call in the refill and they deny it and tell me i should have 3 months worth at home that could cause a problem when my current script goes to be filled again

No not really I don’t think you’ll have an issue. There’s always the chance but it’s never ever happened to me and I was taking a much stronger abuse potential type of drug.

Hope this helps: go to a different pharmacy if paying out of pocket or have the script transferred to a new one. A new doc and new script will have zero issues. Jsutnuse a new pharmacy to be safe if your state might be more strict.

There so busy they rarely check to see if your even an existing patient. They always ask me if I know how much it costs before filling… I always ask “can’t you tell I’ve been a customer for months Now”. This is when I was taking an controlled substance. Self pay.

If your having insurance they will get an error saying the insurance company won’t pay for x more days and to come back then. To sidestep this issue you go to a new pharmacy and say self pay/

I know what your asking and sorry I did not respond clearly but instead shared my experience with filling scripts early.

Also usually a new doc with a new script (with old script on file) will not trigger any alarms. Vice verse…

Just use different pharmacies. Only thing they can say is no.

If its in the same state they will 100% see whatd going on. If you fill a script from Dr A. Then Dr. B then stay with B its a transfer. If you fill A A A B A A B you will get flagged and its gets sent to who ever handles that. Im just hoping because its a regular pharmacy on one coast and a compounding pharmacy on the other coast it wont be an issue. No insurance with either. Again im not looking to do this continuessly im just hoping to collect 1 or 2 of the refills then that’s it. Im not Dr shopping which is something most clinics make you sign and agree you are not getting T from other Drs.

Yah well don’t worry about it then. Just ask the doc for a bigger dose and save up the remainder / surplus through the years that pass.

Jimmy it won’t show up. Just go fill those scripts when you can there will be a timer on them because its a controlled substance other than that it should be a piece of cake and Defy won’t care even if they found out. I asked them to up my script so I could build a reserve and they had no issue with it. They understand there can be shipping delays. Just last year they had a tornado and an flood that shut down both of their compounding labs. Every one of us patients were panicing.