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Problem Squatting


Hello guys.

So I uploaded a video here:

As you can see I cant maintain my butt in a correct form while going down, instead it tends to go inwards.

Another detail is that I must use a wooden platform right below my heels to not fall backwards.

If I dont use it, I fall backwards even using a wider instance, not working.

Any tips? Thanks.


You collapse in the hole. It would be worse with heavier weight.

Chest up, strengthen your lower back and stay tight through out Work on mobility.

Looks like weight might shift forward?


Whats the meaning of collapsing in the hole? Sounds scary!



Whats the meaning of collapsing in the hole? Also do You mean i should shift the weight forward?



Your upper and lower back round in the bottom position

I think the weight can be more on your heels. I was asking if you felt the weight on your toes at all?