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"Problem Solver" Training/Programming


Hi Christian,

you wrote that for some people changing their programs often is what helps them keep their motivation and keeps them on the right track. When I try this approach, I am afraid of making the changes too big, which will turn into jumping from one program to another.

I would like to ask you, how exactly do you change your programs so that they keep you motivated and still the stimulus lasts long enough to receive a training effect?

Thanks for your time,


I normally keep the same main lifts for a long time… normally I will use one main lift per session, which always stays the same… or at least for a few months. The loading schemes might change, but it is normally always trained for strength.

Then my next 2 lifts are to address what I found were the weakest point in the lift that day… could be a technical issue, a weaker part in the range of motion or a lagging muscle group. Normally these are variations of the main lift or at least “bigger” assistance movements. Then I might add either a conditioning movement or isolation work for the muscles involved in the main lift.


Thank you very much!


CT what’s the frequency with which you train each lift/moment pattern?


twice per week


Hi coach. What would be the best leg exercise to do to increase the muscle clean? Would a partial front squat be better than a full front squat?


Would be awesome to have an article explaining how to select exercises (and why) to fix weak points in the big lifts aswell as build the muscles used.


Both offer basically no benefit to the muscle clean. Well not 100% true, anything getting the legs stronger can help a bit. But clean-grip high pulls, clean-grip high pulls from the hang and power shrugs would be better choices.


Hi coach. When I asked you about the muscle clean, I think I used the wrong term. What I meant was a power clean from the floor without dropping into a squat. What would be the most helpful leg exercise for that?


So a power clean… a muscle clean is a clean caught without moving the feet (so no “jumping”) and without going under the bar at all.

Honestly my answer would be pretty much the same. Anything that makes the legs and hips stronger will improve the power clean. Front squats and half front squats will help, but they will not be better than back squats, deadlifts and Romanian deadlifts.