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Problem Sleeping

I am currently using a cycle of debol for the first time and am having a hell of a time falling asleep. Can anyone tell me a way to get my sleep patterns back without using horse tranquilizers? I am tired all day and am restless and can’t sleep at night.

Use melatonin. Maybe add in Kava Kava.

xanax, valium, elavil will all do the trick…and GHB

what is an effective dose for melatonin? ive heard 3mg but that never did anything for me.

I use Kava Kava. Valerian root gave me terrible nightmares.

I have had good luck with Valerian root and 3mg of Melatonin together. A regular tablet of Benedryl can work well too, and has no side effects.

Try 5-HTP

Try 3mg of Melatonin combined with 10mg of B-6. This is an effective combo. You might want to also evaluate your sleeping protocol when you go to bed. i.e. don’t watch TV in bed, dim the lights to get sleepy, make sure you’re body temp is a little cooler. There’s been some studies I read a few years back that said your core body temp decreases when your body goes to sleep. I know I can’t sleep during the night if I get too warm. Hope that helps… Lou