Problem Ordering?

Has anyone had any problem ordering from a certain “International Pharmacy” that is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day? Thanks, TenMan

No because most people around here are smart enough to use reliable sources and not piece of shit websites.

I think he might be talking about IP and not an website for a international pharmacy. I personally would rather order from a remailer rather then risk a package coming from China…

If he is talking about IP, i am having troubles cantacting them also. Maybe a change in adress?

i have a source that isnt having any problems with IP last time we talked. he has a ton of gear and is actually thinking of dropping everything but his IP line. but like spook said. i go through a remailer so i wouldnt be seeing a problem with supply yet, if the problem just ocurred.

Probably they just changed the email adress, i was travelling for a while. This is too bad because i never came around to actually ordering from them yet, i wanted to get more information first; now every supplier lookes expensive, this fucking sucks!

Brutal response Squatty!

Anyway, my issue has been resolved to my satisfaction. Thanks, TenMan

5 days from time of ordering till it reached me.

Not bad for a piece of shit web site…hahaha!!!

glad it worked out for you bro. i hate fucking scammers.