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Problem in Forearm - Help Needed


I'm 17 years old and I train at 1 year.
Well I Don't know in english the exact name of this but I'll try to explain.

The problem is in my tendon of my right forearm and hurts me when I do b?cep curls (the problem started with BB curls) and when I've big, big weight doing pressure over my arm (BB bench press for example).

I went to the doctor and he said me to use bands on my wrist and elbow, take anti-inflamatory (I don't know if it's the proper name) and continue training but reduce a lot of intensity.

I was thinking on a new workout, more soft and more reps maybe, maybe training full body one-day...well, I don't know very well what to do, anyone can help me?


Hmm, I think I get a similar thing from time to time... I notice my grip is perhaps getting too much work at times and my forearms hurt during curls.

First up, when something is hurting, back off, don't keep doing it. In general, I'm trying to cut back on various types of gripping/pulling for a while.

Also, hammer curls don't seem to cause this issue, for me, so I may stick to them instead of preacher bench curls -- which have caused some pain from time to time.


yep, hammer curls doesn't hurt me, well I stopped by 2 weeks and in first week "stopped" I've done only legs and row that use the forearm but doesn't hurt me.

Realy I don't know what to do, or how to train =|


Try the thumb under grip for curls as it takes much stress off of the fore arms.Try some glucosamine sulfate also.



-Don't use a straight bar. This is forearm splints. Hairline fracture along the ulna.

-It will be worse (from my experience)
when doing heavy straight bar preacher curls.

-Now if it gets sooo bad, you won't be able to even use an EZ bar.
It's all about the supination of the forearm. the less supinated the less sheer pressure on the bone.

-Take calcium supplements. Use EZ bar and see if it helps. Best is to use dumbells either hammer curls or standard or reverse or zottman, makes no difference.

-I have got it so bad that at first i had to use a tri bar to do barbell hammer curls.

-Do pronated pullups, not supinated.

-The only barbell curls i do now are reverse EZ bar curls. Reverse grip takes away all the pain. It even seems to make the injury strengthen.


I had a similar problem, avoided the exercises that hurt the most, used ice massage and it cleared up quite a bit after several weeks


increasing grip strength helps


and how can I increase it?


Have you tried using a thick bar? you can wrap a towel around the bar. or if at home you can put a PVC pipe over the bar or something.

the rule is: if it hurts then NO! do something else.

you are young, maybe your muscles are growing too strong too fast for your tendons / ligaments etc..


not in my experience.
Training CoC grippers made it worse/kept it there.


I agree with Vroom you may find using dumb bells instead of bar bells does the trick. I do as many of my exercises as possible with dumb bells .


i've had the same thing also with heavy ez curls. Stop doing the movement which hurts - hammer and zotteman curls are ok for me. Also try to strengthen the extensors with reverse curls - maybe its an imbalance issue though bone bending is a high probability.


Lay off curling for awhile and do other lifts that still hit the bicep, and when you do come back to curling don't put too much weight on so you can make sure that your form isn't shit. It's not like curling will make or break your routine. There was an article on a no curl biceps program awhile back you might want to check out.




i dont know, for me it worked. i avoided the exercises that hurt for a couple weeks. during that time i worked on my grip, and it helped. after a while the exercises hurt less until it didnt hurt at all. a good grip exercise is pinching two 10lbs plates together, flat side out. or use a thick bar for pullups (wrap a towel around the bar as someone already suggested.)


Thx for all answers, for now I'm not doing bicep curls, I'm doing something like a soft full-body workout, after 3 weeks I'll start adding hammer curls.

Back exercices and row machine work a little my b?ceps by now, step by step I'll try to recover from this :wink:



Two things that I didn't read in my quick skim of this string are: 1. Work the antagonist muscle (the tricep in this case.) 2. Make sure you are getting enough magnesium in your diet.

If you are getting a tendonitis type of pain, which you probably are if your doctor told you to take anti-inflammatory medication, then it could be that your bicep is (disproportionately) stronger than your tricep. When the bicep gets too strong it pulls the tendon out of place and it rubs weird and gets irritated.

So the solution is to do French curls or tricep extensions or push-ups or whatever you think is sufficiently the OPPOSITE of the excercise that irritates you. This will work in the long run, along with rest, ice and ibuprofin in the short run.

Also, if memory serves, low-intracelluar magnesium can lead to tendonitis, so look into taking a calcium/magnesium supplement a couple of times a week.


I get a little tenderness on my right inner forearm right where it attached at the elbow during palms up curls. If I do curls, I start it as a hammer curl and then supinate at the top and there is no pain. I also have started doing wrist extension and finger extension exercises to strengthen the other side of the joint. I think my grip strength was a lot stronger then my extensor strength.

These days the tenderness is only on my right side (haah I know, sounds funny) and I seriously think it has something to do with repetitive mousing clicking....so I now use the mouse with the left hand to see if my right side gets better.

Oddly enough, there is no pain during under or overhanded chin ups.


you can be right on b?ceps stronger question, because sometimes I feel my left tendon a little tired too and in b?cep curls I was doing 20kg + olimpic bar, and on skull crushers for example, 15kg + ez curl bar, and my b?cep was looking a little bigger than tricep.

Now I'm not doing isolate arms exercices.