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Problem Focusing


So, today I got back into the weight room for the first time in a week since my lacrosse season started. My lower body is pretty beat up, but I feel good in the upper body. I felt like doing 10x3 of bench and rows today, so i loaded 205 on the bar for the bench and started my reps. At about set 5, I started noticing a pattern: it seemed as though my 1st rep would make it up, my second rep would shoot up, and my third rep would struggle up. Even my friend spotting me noticed it. It was like when i got the second one up, I lost my focus and just let my body do the rest on its own. I know there are supplements out there that help you as far as energy and focus go, but

I'm a junior in high school who has no time to get a job and my parents BARELY cover my protein and carb needs. I don't know this thread seems kind of pointless now that I read it over again, I was just wondering if anyone had the same problem I do and if they had any suggestions for me. Any help is appreciated.


You could always try stimulants.

I'm a big fan.

ECA stack works wonders for my focus and intensity, look it up in the search, lots of threads about it.

Or you can just stick with the tried and true caffiene. Pound a redbull before you go in on days when you're feeling "off"


you dont need any suppliments or anything. jsut get some loud music. always works for me


Are you sure it wasn't just because the third rep was hard?

If it's not that, it's probably a lack of sleep, you're not eating enough, or you're stressed out. If it becomes a regular thing, maybe see a doctor. You should not need stimulants to do 3 benchpresses.


It could very well be that I am stressed and tired. Right now my schedule is school from 7:30-2:15 and I either have lacrosse from 4 to 7:30, or 2:30-6. The earliest I can seem to get myself into bed with that schedule is around 10, 10:30. I wake up at 6 so that means i get around 7.5 hours of sleep every night.


Every one has bad days now and again.

You'll adapt to your new schedule in no time.

I havent tried it but everyone goes on about Spike for focus and clarity.


If you use stimulants. Remember what goes up must come down.