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Problem Flexing My Biceps. MMC or Muscle Dominance Issue?

Hey guys, this is about me flexing my biceps and the difference between flexing the brachioradialis vs the long and short heads. Now, I know all three flex together but I feel like I’m dominant in flexing the brachioradialis. When I flex, the brachioradialis flexes hard, but I have to try harder and focus to get the upper long/short heads to flex up hard as well. Is this a mind/muscle connection thing, or am I just dominant in one over the other.

are you talking about when you lift weights, or is this a posing thing?

EDIT: I don’t know why I asked that. Honestly, unless you’re an extremely high level lifter, like an IFBB pro or something, this is not an issue you should be concerning yourself with.

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Thumbs up for your edit

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Is is that time again for @Chris_Colucci to post the bicep video?

Just poke your finger into the muscle and focus on pushing it out by flexing real hard. Unless its your sphinc. Thats just weird.