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Problem fixable by ART?

I have a housemate with a bit of a muscle problem.

His hamstrings hurt (at first a dull pain, but then it gets worse) as he extends his legs (think standing up) when sitting or bowed over it is fine (but who wants to walk around like that?)

He has been to a doctor who gave him x-rays and a bone scan, but has said it is not a bone problem.

He also says it hurts the most at night or when he is behind on sleep.

I have been to activerelease.com but since I dont know (nor does he) what exactly his problem is its hard to tell if it would be fixed by ART, I am assuming it would since it is a muscle problem, however as a student a useless trip to an ART specialist wouldnt be good for the old student loans.

Would/could ART fix his problem?
Does anyone here (maybe some of the Docs) know what his problem is?

Thanks in advance,