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Problem Encountered in Rippetoes

Okay guys, I’ve been doing some research in regards to my squatting issue and it seems I may have hit a wall in the beginner program by rippetoe.

I’ve been on this beginner program sine february and gained a good 20-25lbs and have definitely increased in strength and size. Most of my lifts are maxed. I’ve deloaded more than twice on all the lifts except for the deadlift and the squat.

However, I had to drop my squat weight completely and start over because I was lifting out of the zone in a good morning-like manner and while I could load 245lbs I could not squat it correctly. Right now I worked it back to 175lbs, in ATG squat form, and realize I may have some core imbalances that are causing light back pains.

I’m beginning to wonder if I should simply move on, considering I have maxed every lift save the squat. I was thinking of doing the squatting 3x a week to keep working on the form and weight but switch up the other lifts to break these walls I’ve hit.

I’m open to all suggestions.

[quote]Right now I worked it back to 175lbs, in ATG squat form, and realize I may have some core imbalances that are causing light back pains.

You may not be flexible enough to squat ATG without the dreaded ‘butt wink’. Video would be helpful.

Also, FWIW, Rippetoe would not want you to squat ATG - parallel or slightly below is fine for a low-bar squat.

A tendency to ‘good-morning’ the weight when you begin to struggle might be a sign that your hamstrings are overpowering your glutes, you could try activation exercises prior to squatting, as well as hamstring stretching after (tight hamstrings cause butt wink, btw).

“butt wink” What is this?

Also, are you saying that high bar squat position can go ATG but not low bar? <-- this may be the problem. I started squatting low bar because a month after I start this program I got an exertion headache and I thought it was because the bar was to heavy for my traps and cut air circulation inside my body or something. Been doing low bar ever since.

Rippetoe’s got a thread here:

…I think you should continue the linear progressions with the back squat and move on to intermediate programming with your other lifts.

Heres a link to a buttwink example:

Hahahahahahahha butt winks are hilarious!! Every time it winks I hear this little cartoon “whinsk” sound haha.

I don’t wink, I believe I arch to much actually, the first trainer that gave me a very brief intro to lifting said I should stick my ass out and to do that I had to arch my back big time as I lowered myself into squat position.