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Problem Drawing AAS

Hey guys, I just had a very agrevating battle with my 20ml vial of Stan QV 50 (winstrol 50mg/ml). I just couldn’t get it to draw at all.

I don’t think it’s the winstrol particles cloging the needle because it’s suppose to be micronized.

I did inject an eqivalent volume of air to what I wished to withdraw(1ml) and I don’t think that’s the problem because I did it so many times that if i stuck in the needle and put in the air pocket the plunger would get pushed outward.

I read a tip on another forum that suggested heating the vial, which I also tried, still nothing.

I am drawing using a 25g 1 inch needle and I did read that drawing with this size is very slow, but I tell you there was absolutely nothing entering no matter how gentle or hard I pulled and how long I waited.

I’ve ordered some larger needles that should arrive in 4 days or so, but I’m particularly aggitated that I couldn’t start my cycle when I wished.

While it’s probably obvious this is my first cycle, hence the cluelessness about this.

Guys, any help is above and beyond appreciated.

I’d suggest that you’ll have better luck with a larger needle. 20g are best for loading syringes.

However, i think your problem likely still has to do with particles clogging your syringe. Just look at the barrel size of a 25g syringe. It doesnt take much to plug it up. Winny can be kind of tempermental in this way and i know people who will only use zambon winstrol because of this. QV is a decent product though. You might just have a less than perfect lot. Good luck dude.


Thanks man, I think you’re right about winny being tempermental.

I switched to my 1.5" needles(still 25g) and switched to one of my other bottles(I.E. trying everything and anything) and I actually managed to draw the dose i needed.

Strangely there was no cloging or problems when injecting into myself through the 25g.

I hope the bottle I couldn’t draw from isn’t a dud or something like that. I’ll see if I can use it when I get a bigger needle.

I’ve had the same problem with QV Winny and QV test supension. 25g is too small. Even a 23g will clog sometimes. You can end up stabbing yourself more than once to get one dose.

I also had this problem, but with a diffrent AAS, anyway what you can try is consistently tap and flick on the vial while you pull back on the syringe, this will slowly get the oil in your syringe, it worked for me. Although I did switch to the larger gauge needle later on, its much easier.