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Problem Copying MP4 to ITouch


OKay, so I've already converted several avi files to MP4's and xfered them to my Itouch, however, the latest video I attempted to do this with has been met with a 'cannot be copied because it cannot be played on this IPOD' message. All of the files (the ones that copied and the ones that won't) are MP4's, all are small file sizes, and all are already in my Itunes library. Am I missing something simple here?



Let me download the file, I'll convert it and send it back to you.


That's the weird thing,.. it's an MP4, just like the others I converted and xfered to my Ipod,... and yet I'm getting this message.



If you simply hit the "Show Presets" it'll show you EXACTLY what you're looking for.

A couple things to note.......

1.) When you hit "Show Presets" it will literally pop the menu right out of your (regular, not wide) screen's view. So then drag handbrake's window over so you can actually SEE the presets.

2.) Don't bother setting the aspect ratio yourself, just select "ipod/iphone" as the preset........BUT.......if you want the best looking movie, click in the lower section of handbrake under "video" and select the "2nd pass" option. (It is not already selected)

3.) When you're done.......you CANNOT drag/drop the movie in yourself, but you can drag/drop the movie into the playlist........so do that, then when you click back in your iPod and select the "Movies" tab for your ipod, it'll show that particular movie. Then you can sync everything, or select just that movie & sync the movie. (Obviously click apply down at the bottom to do so 'cuz sometimes iTunes says "sync" and sometimes it says "apply".)

btw this is how I did it for my IPod when that issue came up but for ITouch, I assume it's basically the same way of hooking it up to ITunes and letting it find the device and such, click and drag etc no?


Or you could just try right clicking on it and selecting "convert selection for ipod/iphone" and let ITunes convert it for you.


I just found that button whie I was looking for the other option you outlined,... it's taking a while, so I'll have to let you know if it worked or not -lol. Thanks, I'm kind of a tech-spaz sometimes.



Depending on the movie or clip size it will take a good deal of time. But ITunes does this because they want you to buy movies from their store and figure most people won't try to self convert stuff.

Letting ITunes convert it will work but when I put a 2 hour movie on my IPod long time ago, took like a day and a half lol so just be patient, it's ITunes way of being a dick.


lol, thanks again, yeah it worked, now I can watch my own contest vids while I do cardio for my next show!



Haha awesome man glad it worked.

Good luck at your next show!