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Problem Areas


Hey guys,

To get straight to the point i've always had a big ass. I don't mean like DAAYUUUMMM, but its enough to annoy me and make my upper-half look bigger than it is. I used to be much heavier (5ft 10 in 175-180lbs) and i started running a lot and got down to 142lbs, and I was a skinny dude but my ass was still proportionally larger than the rest of me. Now since I started lifting a year or so ago i've started doing a lot of upper-body but avoiding most leg work that works the ass (with the exception of squats)

I've been told that doing squats/other ass exercises will only make it look bigger b/c of hypertrophy, and to increase the quads/tear drops to try to balance it out. I also know that you can't spot reduce fat. So am I doomed? Is there any way of reducing my ass size? Supersets?

I realize this post sounds girly, but its my one really big problem area and it hurts symmetry.

anyway any help at all would be great



At 5'10" and less than 170 lbs, you are much too small to worry about "symmetry".


why? looking good at any size is a priority, having the rest of your body in shape and a large ass is annoying to say the least.


train like weight class athletes train. heavy load and low volume.
You may just have a genetic deuce dealt to you.


You gotta laugh at this shit!


Is it mostly fat or muscle? If fat goes straight to your ass, you might want to do some blood work lol.


I'd just try to gain some mass on the rest of your body to even things out.


you might try front squats instead of back squats, less activation of the glutes, and typically more of the quads.


You are 5'10" and under 170 lbs. It is incredibly unlikely that you have any appreciable amount of muscle mass. Gain some weight and you will look more symmetrical.