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problem and solutions?

iam not sure if post this here or not but i trust much of the info i have got from this site becuase it as given me much progress. So here is the story–

I used to weigh 255 lbs at 5ft9 two years ago and a very fat bastard, but using the info here was able to diet and exercise my way down to 167 at my lowest but i was skinny fat and at my weakest. Now i am at 192 and at my strongest-bench 250, squat 305, deadlift 305

The problem is i cannot seem to get rid of that last ten pounds of fat to get some ab definition. I did manage to get 12% body fat at one time but was still skinny fat mainly becuase i had very little muscle.

Anyway i was wondering about a couple of options I am thinking about to finaly get rid of that last ten pounds and if one of these does not work i am giving up on the sumbitch and just dealing with it.

He is what i was thinking

weeks 1-2 methyl 1-test15mg, hot-rox 4 pills

weeks 3-4 nolva 20mgs aday, hotrox 4 pills a day

weeks 5-6 same as weeks 1-2

Or go with clen and low dosages of t3 12.5 or 25 mgs a day instead of hot- rox

I want something to keep my thyroid up and keep the fat loss going which is best do you think?

weeks 1-2 5-6 keto diet
weeks 3-4 t-dawg

Please of some input

sorry if there are flaws in this post i have to type it up at work, any questions are welcome

And if it matters i was obese for over 18yrs before i got to 167, the 255 was definatly not muscle, body fat was like 40%

There are no problems with your post, it would probably get more responses on the Training/Nutrition/Look Good Nekkid or whatever they’re calling it now forum.

That said, I’d advise you to take a good look at your diet and training program and hit the HotRox, following label instructions. There is also a Hot Rox fat loss plan or some big article on this, ask around on the previously mentioned forum.

Good Luck!

is juice an option?

if your going to use the t3 it is pretty much essential that you use some sort of aas concurrently, in order to prevent catabolism.

i wanted to use methyl 1-test for anti-catabolism while on keto and hot rox while not on t3

The reason i was thinking t3 and clen is i have used hot-rox and it worked well until i got to the the last (layer) of fat just a bove my abs.

I posted here becuase of the drugs in my plan, i figured you guys could definantly help those.

Does the fact i was obese most of my entire life have anything to do with my inability to get rid of that last bit of fat??? Such as my body is still in shock over the last 1.5yrs and is just not willing to give it up yet,hence to drug aproach

Other aas is not and option for me.

fuck it. i vote for plastic surgery : )

the funny thing is if i can’t get rid of that last bit i just might git rid of loose skin while i aM AT IT but damn that will hurt