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Probiotics = Radiant Skin and Hair


Pretty Cool.



I remember TC had some information about this subject a while back titled, Probiotics: A Million Hippies Can't Be Wrong.



That'll probably be the only time I ever read "yielding luxuriant fur" in a scientific article!


"A Million Hippies Can't be Wrong"? Huh?

Not a bad title (although I would have probably have used "tree huggers" or "Jamie Lee Cutis Clones" instead of "hippies"), but as I recall, it was called, "The Scary Truth About Probiotics":



Hi TC,

Any chance that in the future Biotest and T-Nation will offer a supplement related to improved digestion and gut health? Thanks!


If we can figure out a better way to do it, and if we see that there's a demand, I'm sure Tim would consider it.


I would like Biotest to investigate bringing out something like this also.