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Probiotics/Greens Formula in Grow!

Trying to get this ingenious concept off the ground and into the minds of Biotest staff. I know the various array of Biotest products already kick @ss, but I’d be VERY interested in having Biotest add a probiotics/greens formula to Grow! and I’m here to raise the issue with T-Nation fans in hopes that Biotest hears the buzz. The nutritional benefits of doing so have been outlined in T-Nation’s archives.

Dr. John Berardi reports on the matter, “Greens+ is a product that deserves special mention. The reality is that probably 99% of us don’t get enough veggies in our diets. I shouldn’t have to repeat that this is a huge problem, but I do, both to readers and clients. Greens+, a blend of antioxidants, enzymes, phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, can help in this regard. Can it replace adequate intake of fruits and vegetables? Absolutely not. But this is one area in which you can and should supplement. A serving of Greens+ should be in every protein shake you drink. Along with Low-Carb Grow!, Surge and some essential fatty acid supplements, it’s one of the only supplements I use regularly.”

All those in favor of adding a probiotics/greens formula to Grow! shout either “YES” or “NO”. Just imagine mint-flavored Grow! with a formulation of probiotics & greens. What a wild freakin concept!

Let’s start the voting!

I cast my vote as a resounding YES.

Sounds good, but I think just putting it in Classic Grow! would be best. It wouldn’t change the price for the people who just want plain Low-Carb Grow! and classic would be one badass mrp.

NO! Leave Grow! alone. I mean it, don’t touch it.

Add it yourself. I don’t see the big deal. By not just throwing everything they could in there the supplements become more flexible.

Please do not change Grow!!!

Um sounds kinda OK in theory but I am not sure how wise it would be to add active digestive enzymes into Grow! I would hate for my Grow! to be growing LOL. Also that’d most likely throw the AWESOME taste way off.

Eat your veggies and supplement the others as needed, IMO


I don’t think greens/probiotics would be a good idea to add to Grow!. The frequency per day usage of Grow! and the green-stuff (we call it that at work) differs, where we could drink 3-4 servings of Grow!, it is recommended that only 1 serving of green-stuff should be consumed. I have taken one serving first thing in the morning and one after my workout. I also add in some psyllium powder and a tomato drink. When I first used green-stuff, I just mixed it in with water- ewwww.

Grow!, protein supplement right? Green-stuff is a green vegetable and grasses supplement. recommendations of green-stuff is to cycle 8weeks on 2weeks off. How does that fare to Grow! and other protein supplements? Don’t need to do that right?

Also from first-hand experience and experiences told to me by coworkers and loved ones who’ve used green-stuff (mostly because I’ve used it with success)- they’ve had instances of painful gas, long bouts on the toilet with nothing but farts eminating, stomach aches, headaches, feveral conditions, diarreah, cramping, and lethargy during the first week of using green-stuff.

So it’s safe to mention that it’s not for everybody. But after the initial use the body, I am guessing, gets used to it and everything is smooth sailing. Because I haven’t had too many problems with it since I first tried it. Oh and the taste change to Grow! might make you gag.

I am not in favor of the addition of green-stuff to Grow!.

I guess I’ll have to buy a probiotics/greens formula on my own. I briefly glanced over a recent thread in this forum labeled “Greens” and it’s evident that more T-Nation fans use such supplements than I had envisioned. For convenience sake (1)I just thought it’d be a good idea to compact everything I need in one tub of Grow! rather than relying on 20 canisters of health powders strewn around the kitchen and (2)I’m always anticipating that Biotest will devise new concoctions which will target the overall dimensions of human health in addition to physique enhancement… Next thing you know, I’ll be asking Biotest to manufacture solid meals-in-a-box (I get silly like that).

Oh well, this idea’s squashed, lol. Time to run a products search for probiotics/greens on the net & see what others recommend & why.

Thanks for the feedback and peace be with you all!