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Probiotics for Muscle Growth

Recently, I read about a probiotic supplement “Primal Defense” that makes some interesting claims:
www.prohealthsolutions.com/ primal-defense.html
I’m pretty skeptical about probiotics in general but ever since I saw some positive remarks in T-mag I’m ready to give them serious consideration. Further searching in the T/N archives revealed this nugget of info by Kandi, here’s an excerpt:
"I’m current using the same substances as you all to induce an enormous amount of lean muscle growth (no steriods)on a horse. Myself, as well as others in my circle are giving our horses a product that is actually a derivative of a beneficial strain of an probiotic organism. " (Kandi, if you’re still around, please weigh in on this topic)

I would like to hear from probiotic users in general and Primal Defense users in particular.

[1] Do you see any benefits from using these products? How do you know they’re working?

[2] If and when established, would further probiotic supplementation be necessary? After all, if a relatively stable population of “bad” bacteria can reside in the gut for years, why shouldn’t a population of healthful bacteria be able to do the same?

Some of these probiotics can be pretty expensive so it would be ideal if a self-perpetuating population can be established.