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Probiotic Improving My Skin?

I’ve had IBS ever since taking way too many antibiotics for an extended period of time (a few years ago).

I’ve had abdominal pain when eating anything fibrous. I pretty much had to eat zero fibre food, i.e. zero carb or some carbohydrates with very little fibre (such as white rice) otherwise I’d have bloating and intense burning pain in my large intestine.

Recently started a probiotic and within a few days I was getting some really decent bowel movements that I’d not experienced before.

Anyway, around the same time (about 3 days in) I started noticing my skin was SERIOUSLY improved in terms of smoothness.

Is this a benefit of probiotics? Had anyone else experienced this? I’ve tried probiotics, prebiotics and kefir/fermented foods in the past and they’ve not had that effect. But then again, they’ve also had ZERO improvement on my IBS. (which I would tentatively say right now is resolved).

improved skin is one of the many reported benefits to getting your gut healthy. Might be worth giving this thread a read:

Lots of us came together to make pretty much a complete rundown of supps and strategies for gut health. You might also want to look into resistant starch