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Probably the dumbest question ever

Every person who ever thought this was a joke died of cancer. Coincidence?

This is quite possibly the funniest stuff I’ve ever read. So with you funny people out there, what are you doing posting on an internet forum? You should be writing comedy!!

NeilG: I would say divide the results from a two week cycle in half. Or multiply by .5. If you want to get really crazy, multiply by 1/2.

Serious answer: When I use Mag 10, I gain a little bodyfat, but I can live with it. I can’t answer your question regarding only one week on. Why would you want to? Your gains will most likely be best if you can maintain constant blood levels of the androgens for two weeks. The effects of androgens aren’t instant, and it takes time to for your body to turn increased protein synthesis into muscle hypertrophy. It also takes time for endocrine recovery. Switching back and forth every week isn’t something I would do. The reason for this is the fact that the designers of Mag 10 have taken into account the time it takes for androgens to exert their effects, as well as the time it takes for endocrine recovery. Two weeks on and two weeks off aren’t just numbers pulled out of a hat. They are backed by research (and smart people like Cy and Bill Roberts) that suggests these are the amounts of time you can use androgens with minimal endogenous T suppression and still achieve gains. Are you double dosing? Obviously your results depend on that. If you have two bottles, I would recommend doing the full two bottles for two weeks and then using tribex and m for recovery (ie following the directions).

Also, make sure to eat plenty of shit, bees, bee shit, and bee jizz.


Thanks, that’s the kind of answer I was looking for.

Dan- Rolling on the floor!!!

Im sitting in my lab quietly passing time while a poor subject works his butt off during a 60 min cycling bout. Then I find this post.

Im still laughing out loud. Perhaps the best post I’ve ever seen. Precious gems of wisdom from Dan and TEK.

You guys are poor role T-models. And we wonder why new forum paticipation is dropping off?

I think that Dan deserves an invite to the Dog Pound for that one. On second thought, somebody give him a Pulitzer for that little gem, too.

Feces for real? Does it taste as bad as MegaMass? :wink:

I would like to see NeilG in the middle of Black Panther rally!

“No seriously guys the white man is not down on you at all! Come on if you stop acting so black maybe one you “boys” could be the next president!”

Dan I’m gonna be laughing for days on that one.

“Bee’s are natures candy”

Thats priceless

Can we send Neil to annoy the Al Queida?

“Dammit guys! I’m not putting a hat on inside! What the fuck? I mean it doesn’t go with my gay pony tail! Also I’m shaving my legs I don’t care what you say. Who tha fuck is Al Ah? Oh yeah Al your boss. I’m betting Mr. Ah your boss is pretty sweet fixing you all up with those sexy turbins. Hey are all the women around here ugly or what? What’s with the sheets haven’t you heard of paper bags that’s what all my dates wear. Hmmmmm what’s that? Going to see the Mecha? Oh cool like those guys out of Robotech or Gundam Wing??? SWEET!”

Okay I don’t give him that long either. Tee hee hee. :wink:

Fuck Dan.

Strong work.


“Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh”

~ George Bernard Shaw

Wow, It’s been a while off from the forum for a while for me. Now I know why, yall are a bunch of dicks.

Pat and Getagrip - deal with it. Take a look at some of the other things this same poster has said before you judge our responses.

well pat and getagrip, if this wasn’t answered 5 gatrillion times already, maybe we would take it seriously.

Shame on you Dan. You conveniently “forgot” to tell neilg that the anabolic response of eating one’s OWN feces is negligible. To optimize gains, you must eat the feces of someone else. As per the directions.

Bees are NOT natures’ candy. They are natures’ DEODORANT. Apply them liberally.

And pat…blow yourself, you fucking numbnut.

Doesnt even come close to how dumb your previous posts/replies were.

Stay shushed.


Drink raw milk.

All the bacteria, molds, and yeast in it will give the worst food intoxication you’ve ever seen. But, it will boost the metabolism (as you slowly die) and you won’t have to worry about gaining any body fat.

And, like you said, raw milk has all the enzymes you need to digest it. So you won’t have a problem fully absorbing all the protein in it!



It was the OTHER pat. Again, WHEW.

What Dan says about the nutritional value and mass building potential of feces has just got to be true. Why, I’ve seen some German videos where they’re eating their own, each other’s, smearing it all over. (Must be good for the skin too.) Yep, that’s proof enough for me!!!

Priceless Dan, absolutely priceless.

And thanks to NeilG without whom all this would not be possible.