Probably the dumbest question ever

Probably the dumbest question ever, but if staying on Mag-10 for too long can run the risk of excessive fat gain, what would happen if you went one week on, one off?

Again, probably a retarded question, but heck, I want to

Not sure why I’m bothering to answer this but…

MAG-10 cannot cause fat gain. Eating too much causes fat gain.

You cycle MAG-10 for other reasons.

Also, Bill Roberts has stated that two weeks on, two weeks off will provide better gains overall than 4 weeks on straight.

Of course, you probably know more than Bill, just like you’re too smart to use programs by Berardi, Shugart, Thibaudeau etc…

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Neil have u ever tried and find the answers to any of lifes most pressing questions, like the ones you constantly post, on your own. The answers are out there. Then you wouldnt have to ask the self admitted “Dumbest ? ever.”

Why does everyone always have to turn my questions into something they’re not?

It’s a question. I was wondering about something. What’s the big deal.

Of course Mag-10 wouldn’t cause fat gain.

So I’m assuming only one week on would be too short of a time for it to work as well as two weeks, right?

I’m just wondering.

This is my first and last response to your idiotic questions. You are hilarious, I’m just a new here as you are (probably newer) and reading your posts is a hoot. Maybe you could read the little paper in the box that comes with your Mag-10 to find out what you can expect from its use. I’ve been on 2 cycles now and yes I have gained a little BF (2-3%)but I’m not going to complain since I started at 203 and am now 228. Oh ya and I’m using Joel Marions 12 weeks to ultimate mass hood not some crazy self-made program either. You just don’t get it do you?

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A) I did read about it.

B) It didn’t arrive yet, so I can’t read the little paper that comes with it.

So what is your question then? Seriously.

You’re giving the poor lad an inferiority complex.

I asked around for some advice on this, and the general consensus is that you should wait to take Mag-10. Remember to concentrate on the basics! What are the basics? Let me enlighten you.

There’s one thing that people seem to have forgotten about that’s a staple of a healthy body building routine: Leeches! You eat your canned tuna and vegetables, and lift twice a day, but why has everyone forgotten about the bodybuilding power of bloodletting!??!?!

If you’re having trouble getting enough calories, I reccomend smoking several large bong-loads of marijuana per day. It’s my favorite “supplement”.

Also, people don’t realize that feces is extremely high in vitamins and protein. It’s a common myth that feces is waste. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It’s a super concentrated load of mass building matter.

Feces is my second favorite supplement.

People don’t realize that if they’re not huge, it might be because they’re possessed. The solution, of course, is to drill a hole in your head to let the bad spirits out.

Now, corpses’ hair and nails continue to grow after death. This is a known fact.
They continue to grow nails and hair because they’re not really dead! these “un-dead” (if you will) are incredible athletes. They have amzing endurance and monumental strength. You’re probably wondering what their secret is. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s as simple as their diet. What do they eat, you ask? It’s very simple: Human brains. Most living people don’t realize the kind of nutritional value an average brain has. But! you don’t have to settle for the mere human brain. The best way to access the power of the “un-dead” is to defeat them in single combat, and eat their brains! This gives you the focused power of all the brains they have ever eaten.

Another great strategy is to break your bones. When you break a bone, your body goes into healing overdrive, so a guaranteed way to add mass to a certain part of your body is to break all the bones in that area!

I make sure that my femurs are shattered at all times, and beat the shit out of myself with a sock full of doorknobs in my biceps and chest. I compliment this with a steady intake of 3-27 raw eggs and a stick of butter.

Bees are natures candy.

Burning is also highly-underrated. All the protein retention studies are done on burn victims, right? Those guys are in a super-training state!!! Make sure to have your training partner douse you in gasoline after each workout and toss a match on you. Now that’s what I call a “finisher”!!!

Make sure to down some coconut oil after each set. This makes sure to “fat-load” the muscles with precious saturates.

I’m here to dispel the myth that feet are an important part of the human body. People rely on them too heavily, and the result is underdeveloped pecs and biceps. The solution, of course is to bind them like the chineese do to their women.

You can then stop relying on your legs, which already contain big muscles that need no further development, and force yourself to focus on achieveing spectacular gains that you only dreamed of previously.

Two words: Mayo-naise.

I will gladly provide some zany weblinks to back any and all information in this post. I will also be happy to provide answers to any questions about this information while being sure not to muddle my reply with “logic”, “common sense”, or “facts or evidence”

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I was just wondering what would happen with 1 week on Mag-10, one week off for a month, instead of the 2 weeks on and 2 off.

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Dan - you are a vast and deep fountain of knowledge. Thank you for imparting your wisdom upon us.

i nominate tek’s response for post of the year. as well as a possible new t-mag slogan.we should all get t-shirts that say that.

Michelle, thank you. I hope that, combined with a serious intake of saturated fats, this takes our boy Neil to the NEXT LEVEL!!!

Power up and win the game, Neil.

TEK - that was damn hilarious.

Dan - two words - fucking great. Thanks for imparting your knowledge bombs upon us.

I make sure that my femurs are shattered at all times, and beat the shit out of myself with a sock full of doorknobs in my biceps and chest. I compliment this with a steady intake of 3-27 raw eggs and a stick of butter.

Dan, that is some funny stuff! I thought about posting something similar to that, with BS information that sounded semi-legit – but yours is funnier than anything I could’ve posted!

Dan - I just re-read your posts, and I’m still cracking up!!!

Dan, that post is going in the books. On page one, just below the one from our friend Pat Sweeney. Whatever happened to Pat?

The basics are really so simple, I don’t know why more weight trainers don’t use them. Everyone’s so caught up in “Time under tension” and “volume” and “load” and “compound movements” when really, saturated fats and bees are the real secrets of the pro’s.

Is this a Joke.