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Probably My Over All Worse Meet Performance


SPF Grithouse Meet 8-29-2015

This was not the meet I really wanted but, hip popped out of place on my second squat and dumped the bar over my head. Took 665 again and you can see my shift my weight back and just barely push through the hip (depth was very very close). Had a very hard time getting set in the bench because of that and was also forced to either pull conventional or drop out of the meet... Which obviously I wouldn't have done with any chance.

625 good
665 miss hip out
665 good 15lbs all time meet PR 65 lbs meet PR @ 195

335 good
360 miss
360 miss

Deadlift: my hip was out of place so bad I could not pull sumo was forced to pull conventional or drop out.
560 miss
560 good
580 good insane nose bleed PR.
This was no where near the meet I wanted and yes I took a small injury but at the end of the day I was just not strong enough.

This was a 80lbs meet PR for the 198 weight class for my self how everand my squat still hit a decent 15lbs PR.


Sorry to hear about your injury man hopefully it doesn’t keep you out too long. Atleast you took home a meet PR and squat PR, that is always a win in my book.


Agreed. I’m sorry to hear about the injury. And there is nothing worse than hitting your best numbers in training.

But congratulations on the P.R.! You also showed toughness. In the future, you’ll probably remember overcoming the adversity, not the numbers.

As an outside observer, you really stepped up your whole approach this summer. Then you took the time to tell us all about it. Your example helped me to get my act together. Your hard work really moved this whole place forward.

If elite totals were easy to get, every jerk off would have one. Keep after it!


Don’t be so harsh on yourself and congratulation’s on your PR :slight_smile:


You did good given the conditions. Sucks to hear about the injury. Good luck with recovery.