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Probability of Being Shutdown Permanently?

Just a quick small question…

I did a 10 week cycle just fine, no issues and recovered. If I were to extend this to 12 weeks with (MAYBE an oral, or even T + Deca), would it be significant in comparison to 10 weeks in terms of being shutdown?


Just a 12 week Test E only cycle.

No, being shutdown is a binary state. You’re either at zero or you’re at some number above zero. The only difference is in recovery time, which changes due to the longer elimination half life of deca. So you’d start pct later, which means you’d be shut down for longer between the end of your cycle and the start of pct.

Thanks for your input. I think I meant to say what are the chances of being shutdown permanently (shorter vs longer cycle, 10 vs 12 weeks) and having to be put on TRT, if that makes any sense.

Permanent shutdown happens but it’s not common, especially for younger guys. The extra few weeks isn’t enough to cause that big of a change. In theory. In practice it’s probably happened to someone. Kind of like being struck by lightening.

chances of permanent shutdown are approximately 33.231532543253245425534545234%

There’s no way to realistically know. More time on generally equates to higher incidence of TRT for life type scenarios occurring.

Check it oot (Canadian way of saying out) bodybuilder whoose pituitary partially atrophied (potentially) due to prolonged AAS induced negative feedback loop towards pituitary… now that’s fucking permanent shutdown lolz

Oh my, 33% chance? That seems fairly high, not slim haha

Was this serious?

Normally I would take it as a joke but coming from you Im inclined to believe it lol it does seem high tho

It’s a joke in this instance due to the absurdly high amount of significant figures I put in the answer.

That being said


It does appear the odds of perma-shutdown aren’t exactly low, at least according to literature.

They use the term “former aas abusers” I wish they listed at what extent did they use (abuse) steroids. I would imagine someone who has ran a few multi compound blast would be much different then someone who blasted and cruised for few years then decided to stop use.

But then maybe not?

Shut down is a non linear state. The difference being longer estered compounds (and I believe progestogens, however there isn’t much scientific backing on this) will keep you suppressed for longer.

You’re either are shut down or you aren’t. Thus it may not matter whether they’re using multiple compound blasts, but more which esters, how long they’re on for etc.

I believe one of the studies talks about users using PCT, though it’s been a while since I’ve read them.

That being said suppression is different from shutdown

So certain compounds aren’t more difficult to recover from? A test only cycle has the same recovery success rate as say a test tren and var cycle?

Idk why but I guess I figured the stronger the compound the more difficult it could be to recover.

Tren has progestogenic effects, and is thus, in my opinion, harder to recover from.

Nandrolone decanoate stays in the system for a very long time (given half life of ester) and has progestogenic effects.


What compounds would be the least harmful in terms of shutdown? I’m looking to add on for my second cycles, and I’ve heard people being shut down from deca, including my friend, so I’m steering away from that.