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Chad Wesley Smith Squatted 905 raw. Does it really fucking matter what else happened this weekend? Should be some huge squats today. Update any info you might have.


holy fuck.


I was going to mention this yesterday after Josh Bryant told me about it. That's just freakin' sick squatting.


I can't wait to see a video. If his form is anything like his 800+ squats at his last meet then that is one of the most impressive squats ever.


Donnie Thompson is at 2215lbs... just with his squat and bench. 1265 new world record and a 950 bench. Jesus christ. Brian Carroll hit an 1130 squat and I think he is competing at 242. Not sure though. AJ Roberts hit an 1130 squat as well. I think Dave Hoff Benched over 9.


Hoff just benched 945 @275. Holy shit.


Thompson just pulled 740 on his first... 2955 total with 2 attempts left


Donnie just hit 785 DL for the 3000 total. Damn.


Holy shit.


Holy fucking shit! Nothing like beating his own all time highest total by 50 lbs on his first pull, then the first 3000lb total ever. I thought Thompson said he was retired from pling after totaling 2905. I guess not though.


How many inches from legal depth were his squats?


In the other thread about him you can see his squat video. It looks relatively close to parallel for a multiply squat to mee.


I think they said about twice the size of your dick. So, about two inches too high. Way to be an asshole.


Ha nice you made a pen15 joke. Jokes.... Kind of like multiply powerlifting


Raw without knee wraps or raw with knee wraps?


Is it even possible to have a thread referencing multiply lifters without people whining about gear/depth/etc?

I personally don't see the point of gear and will never use it, but fuck man.. 3k total? It really doesn't matter what the guy did to get there, I am impressed.


The only thing worse than weak people with negative opinions are weak minded people with negative opinions. You have proven yourself do be both. And I made a dick joke... Dick Joke... kinda like your life.




His squat was close IMO either way . I can't tell from that angle . I did in the past watch multiply lifters at lighter weights from the side with a perfect view break parallel. From the front they looked 4+ " high.

So I guess Storm the beach that poster has. 2-2.5" er.


I don't hold negative opinions on the whole. Even with regards to powerlifting, I love watching an ipf meet. There is no need for us to have an argument about the state of the majority of most multiply squats. You are clearly a powerlifter and know the rules about depth within the majority of federations, so you know that no matter what the weight, if it doesn't hit depth it is not a legal squat. 1500 and 250 are the same 6 inches above depth regardless of the overall strength required to handle the former. The gear being too tight o facilitate adequate depth is not a valid excuse in the opinion of many including myself.