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Pro Wrestling Vets?


Soooo over the last few months I've been playing around in the rind at a wrestling academy and I love it.

I'm making this thread to ask for any insights on. The biz from folks who've been around for a while....

Ya know. The cliche...if I knew then? Yea, let it flow....letchaself go slow and low...that is the tempo

Ahhhhh man, I so see some funny posts coming from this thread....that's fine but this is a real question so a few real responses would be cool.


It's fake.


The fuck you on son?


This always makes me laugh when I hear it. What isn't staged or fake in terms of entertainment?lol


embolming fluid


You need to be the wrestler that a vet would recommend.

Hard working and respectful with a sense of humor. His rep is riding on who you are.

The ones, who I know, who got somewhere were all obsessed with training and nice and respectful, you wanted to help them.

Also self promotion!!!!!!

fwiw not a vet.


so.....this is for real? You actually want to pro wrestle?


I'm screwed. I'm have none of these qualities. Fml


Yea. Who doesn't?


lol Are you at least a natural? Over 6'4" maybe?


No, I'm 5 ft 10.

I suck.....

Thanks for ruining my night ...and life.

Hate you


I just couldn't tell if this was a joke or not. Go for it, dude.


Wrestlers 6'1 and under:

Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, Dean Malenko, and..umm..I haven't watched wrestling in a while.


"esk" something or other who used to post on this site is/was a pro wrestler. I haven't seen him post in quite some time, but you might want to search him and PM.

esk221? Something like that. He was in TCell.


They are the exceptions not the rule, I guess he needs to work on the other stuff like working hard(real hard) and being a nice respectful guy. Also if you are under 6'1" be prepared to kill yourself in the ring.

If you want WWE you should try to get in when you have very little experience, they seem to want to train up their own right now. I'm sure you got the charisma right, and you are a BBer so you probably have the look right?

Work hard, practice, practice, practice. :slight_smile:


In short, you won't be choke slamming anybody, Rockula. But with hard work and persistence, you'll be jumping off the top rope in time.


Yep be a high flyer, check out Mexico as an option, I don't think Japan is the place it used to be.


And there's always midget wrestling in Ohio. You'll be a Giant among little men.


Hmmm my state requires 5 years of wrestling school become approaching the wwe...I've read that on their site a few time over the years.

Didn't know I could go directly to them...