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Pro Wrestling/Physique Routine


I did some legs yesterday...

Squats... worked up to 285 x 6

Front squats for high reps (135, then 185)

Stiff leg dead lifts 155 x 20

Then I superset FST7 for Leg extensions and seated leg curls.

Feel pretty sore in the legs today (haven't been sore for a while!)

Chest workout today since I have tomorrow off I'll do back tomorrow. Here we go!


In my gym, some people would look at birds and wonder how the birds got such huge legs


Fuck that, go to the gym and eat some bird afterwards


I bought the Triple H book on Making a Better Body and he uses leg extensions as a main quad movement...


hey wrestling music, just wondering how the wrasslin is going and what your doing now for a workout?


I cant do regular dips anymore so I'm using a cybex machine for that movement now.

Otherwise I did Clay Hyght's program. Didn't really like it all that much to be honest.

How about you? Did you try the indigo yet?


What do you mean you can't do them anymore? Did you get hurt or do you just not have access to dip bars?


I hurt my shoulder during a mock-up match, nothing serious but I have to let it heal




hum, just wrote a response and lost it.

to summarize.... have not tried the indigo, I am about 2 years behind on "whats new and hip" with the supplements, still experimenting with anaconda.

I read the max out on squats everyday article,
which inspired me to do a version of CP's super accumulation program. worked well gained about 10 lbs, but i'm not sure how legit of a gain that was because i lost all of the weight like a week later. (admittedly i was doing some intense cardio crap for work).


hmm...I never knew that


I don't do fst-7 because I'm not injecting. I haven't taken any prohormones/test boosters/aas so fst-7 wouldn't really help me.