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Pro Wrestling/Physique Routine


Greetings, I've been lurking since late-2009 and began training in 2010, I've reached a point in life (and career) where I could use some outside help... hence this post.

For pro wrestling, besides in-ring work a few times a week I'm looking to further develop my physique. I've taken a look at some e-books (including the ever popular 5/3/1) but was wondering if any of you had some advice

Current split:

Day 1-Chest/Back
Day 2-off
Day 3-Shoulders
Day 4-off
Day 5-Arms
Day 6-Legs
Day 7-off

Training is focused on the "money" exercises (bench press, military press, dips, bar curls, deadlift, squat) for strength and then more hypertrophy geared "assistance" work.

My diet is boring but consistent with my goals. I started at a meager 145 and currently I'm hovering around 210. Each day I aim for 300g's of P, 150-200g's of carbs, and 75g of fat.

Supplementation wise I use proteins, creatines, pre-workouts, glutamine, ZMA, BCAAs..... no hormonal items or fat burners though.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, any help is appreciated.


I think fst7 would be perfect for you. Look that up on google and go from there.

Or ill explain it when I get home to a pc


curious about it



off topic... but considerin how physical pro wrestlers are ( i mean like wwe guys) and how in shape they are. You never ever.. and i mean never! See any leg definition! why the fuck not??



Fst7 is a great way to maintain your cosmetics while keeping recovery in check for the ring


As a wrestler thats well known, check out many of Triple H's matches post-2002 (when he adopted briefs and dropped the tights).


Ah ok, I'm looking more to continue progressing though, not happy enough with myself to maintain just yet.


Well, its not all about the show muscle. You will build size and density also with this philosophy.

Its a standard work out session but the thing that makes it special is the 7 sets that come at the end. You will hammer your target muscle group with 3 heay moves and then finish with 7 sets to pump and deform the fascia that surround the muscle.

But, when I say pump sets I don't mean the usual repping out with light weights. I mean grabbing a weight you can handle for 8-12 reps and do seven sets with it. The theory behind doing this is pretty simple. I like to explain it with a wire analogy.

Imagine a wire and its coating

Now, think about stretching the wire's coating. Ok, now what does that do? It allows more space to put more wire in the coating.

Its the same idea for the muscle fiber and its fascia. If you stretch the fascia your muscle fibers have more room to grow.

Stretching is also important as it really emphasizes the deforming of the fascia. So with that, stretching between each set is very important.

Water is a must during training for nutrient transport to the muscle fiber.

So a sample quad work out would be

Bike/Eliptical Warm up for 5 mins

Leg extensions

complete set one, sip a mouthful of water then flex your quads as hard as possible for a 15 count followed by a stretch for a 15 count

do that 2 more times and move to a compound move...I like Front Squats, but you can back squat if you want, total prefernce thing.

4 sets of Front Squats sipping,flexing and stretching between each set

Leg Press for 3-4 sets sipping, flexing and stretching between sets

And for the final 7 sets use something like machine hack squat

7 sets 30 seconds between sets, so basically as soon as you finish the streching and flexing hop back on the machine and get 8 more reps

I'd suggest a 5 day split abd doing arms on their own day.

Friday-Arms, do arms alternating bi's and tri's

that is basically it

anyone have questions PM me


You left out back training (I'm sure its accidental)

I'm doing arms in about 15 minutes so I'll give it a shot and post when I get back.




I'm not a particular fan of FST-7. It seems just like extreme stretching in DC training, just with the 7 set thing at the end of the workout which to me, is the part that doesn't appeal to me.

I'm coming further to the conclusion that the idea behind it is flawed and to date have not been able to find a study directly addressing whether fascia stretching will elicit more growth any way outside of some bird studies But we are comparing birds with humans there. I believe Haney created it (not sure if it really was his idea though) in response to synthol use in pros.

Another thing that stands out is the water aspect of it. You should already be well hydrated prior to performing the FST-7 exercise, which would mean sipping between sets will just be beating a dead horse.

In summary, it just seems like the exercise and the water sipping are purely there to differentiate the product from extreme stretching principles. The question that comes to mind, WHY should I spend another 10 minutes performing an exercise to stretch fascia when I can just do what I do now and perform DC stretching in between those exercises?

Not trying to shit on anyone here, I'm just trying to find a reason to support it because it sounds so legit. lol


And to further add, if you are already training with a full ROM and therefore attaining a loaded stretch, you should already be stretching the fascia as much as it is going to stretch.


FUCK I did lol

I typed that in a rush. Sorry man.


As with every other training philosohy, its whatever floats your boat.


Granted. Hope I didn't confuse the shit out of the OP haha

I'm not saying it is complete bullshit, I was just weighing options and thinking deeper into it.


FST7 is designed to be used in conjuction with the site injection of anabolic steroids to stretch the fascia internally with the help of the pump from the reps.


Here's what I did:

Barbell Curls - 45 x 20, 65 x 15, 85 x 12, 105 x 8, 115 x 5

Dips - BW x 15, +25x 12, +35x 10, +45x 8, +50x 5

DB Preacher Curls - 25 x 15, 35 x 12, 45 x 6, 45 x 5

Close Grip Bench Press - 95 x 20, 115 x 15, 135 x 12, 145 x 8

Across Body Hammer Curls - 45 x 12, 50 x 8, 60 x 6

Skull Crushers - 60 x 12, 80 x 8, 90 x 7

I did an FST-7 superset next between cable reverse curls and cable triceps pushdowns, no rest in between just set after set, I increased the weight after every set I hit 12 on, and ended up doing 10 and 8 reps on the 7th sets of each. This honestly felt almost like cardio but I did get a massive pump. I have read plenty of Dante's work and decided to do some extreme tricep stretches with the dumbbell behind the head for 30 seconds each afterwards.

I don't know if it will illicit growth, and as I mentioned earlier I don't take any steroids, but the pump felt pretty good. I've never been one to care for a pump though, I know overload builds muscle, not the "pump" or "burn".

It was a worthy experiment and I look forward to doing something similar with legs on friday... I'm thinking supersets between leg curls and leg extensions?

For those curious, I'm not doing DC because I don't fit under the recommended strength levels yet. I'm still working on them.


There are lots of good programs out there, find a decent one and stick to it. I think a pro wrestler should aim towards a more bodybuilding type of program, bodybuilders are strong, just not 1RM on a certain movement strong - and they look more like wrestlers. Its up to you of course.

I really like this one if you can work out 4x a week:

This is awesome if you have 2 weeks to dedicate:

just some food for thought.


Thanks zenon I'll check those out