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Pro Wrestling fans

Some of you have probably heard already, but in case you haven’t, Bill Goldberg is debuting on Raw this Monday night, (Mar 31). Being that Goldberg is probably the most intense wrestler ever, maybe he will help bring back some enthusiasm to wrestling, because right now…it SUCKS.

He will definately bring in an initial interest back in, but with the shit-for-brain writers the WWE is employing right now they will almost certainly screw his whole deal up and he’ll end up just like Scott Steiner is now; two months ago he was headlining PPV’s and now he isn’t even on the Wrestlemania card at all. McMahon just cannot, and I mean cannot, under any circumstances, swallow his ego and allow a superstar that he did not create come into his company and go over his guys irregardless of how bad the business is going. It will be painful and sad to watch, really.

Who the hell wants to watch VINCE MCMAHON wrestle?

Any time I see any of the McMahons come on, I turn the channel. I do not watch wrestling to see soap opera plots and the McMahon family.

Wrestling was best when the wrestlers had good gimmicks and it was a bit of a joke. Then it started taking itself really seriously, and here we are.

Regarding the WCW wrestlers, the WWE had them trickle in slowly, which was smart. But why is Hulk Hogan still wrestling? It is clear that the WWE is lost, without a compass or direction.