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Pro Wrestler Dies...


Wait's for "steroid use" as cause of death.


I have long since stopped watching pro wrestling, but I remember this guy was gone for about a year and came back about 3 times bigger than he was before, so I'm guessing that there was some pretty heavy drug use involved(or he discovered T-Nation :wink:, but still. Before the cause of death is even known, everyone points at steroids.


Eddie had many personal demons, and he was not shy about telling people. Aside from steroids(he's never admitted to using) he was a recovering drug addict and alcoholic, I think either prolonged drug use, or an OD will be found as cause of death and not anabolic steroids


I'm sort of shocked over this-Those guys seem like such well adjusted good productive members of society.


Sad news about Eddie

Being on the road 300 + days a year would be tough.I was reading he was found with his toothbrush still in his mouth lying on the bathroom floor,heart failure is the leading cause of death until further examination.
Eddie is survived by his wife and 2 young daughters.A sad day for the WWE

Another black mark on wrestling in general,

wrestling may not be "real" but i challenge any of u to try and do a WWE schedule for a year and see how fake u think it is.

Anyway just off on my little pro wrestling rant.




He's a great athlete and comes from one of the legendary family lines of wrestlers.

his passing is a sad day for athlete's in general


Much like analog_kid, I'm waiting for all the anti-steroid/anti-supplement legislation crowd to jump all over this. Sad, isn't it? That was my first thought upon hearing this on the news this morning (my wife's as well).


Congratulations on criticizing others you know absolutely nothing about.


Man, the life expectancy of pro wrestlers seems pretty poor. Not even counting the ones who have died in accidents, such as Owen Hart or Adrian Adonis, look at the list of the guys who have died very young who were stars over the past 20 years.

Off the top of my head, these are the ones I can name:

Road Warrior Hawk
British Bulldog
Brian Pilman
Big John Stud
Mr. Perfect Curt Henig
Junk Yard Dog
Butch Reed
5 of the 6 von Erichs (though one committed suicide)
Bruiser Brody (though he was stabbed)
Miss Elizabeth (not technically a wrestler, but still)
Crash Holly (another suicide)
Ravishing Rick Rude

Anyone else think of people I'm missing?


The Texas Tornado (don't know his real name)

Dino Bravo

Owen Hart


I hate the way we adress these wrestlers as athletes. It's not competition it's performing, if anything we should be celebrating the life of a great actor.


That's the way some people are. They think it's okay to cast aspersions down from their self-annointed spot on moral high ground.


If you ever get the chance, read one of Mick Foleys books. He does a great job of telling how the business really is and describing what a grind it is to be on the road 250-300 days a year.

True we soemtimes don't think of professional wrestlers as athletes, but in truth, they are. I remember years back when I first saw the Undertaker aka Mean Mark Calous, a man 6'10" and over 300, walk out on the top rope unassisited ans stand ther balanced for a good 5 seconds, then leap off. That takes some serious athletic skill.

Do a lot of those guys have drug and substance abuse problems? Maybe. But look at the stress they're under, and then look at the percentage of use in the general population of people and the stress we're under. In America today pychotropic med use for stress and anxiety is a huge business. And still a lot of folks prefer to self medicate with alcohol or street drugs.
If you are under strerss you will try and find relief and stress is relative to that person. What drives you to a breakdown might be what I deal with daily. And vice versa.

My point: don't be quick to judge a business by the actions of a few and also don't put down the actions of one man to cope while your neighbor or cubiclemate is doing the same and worse.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the Guerrero family and all the families of athletes who have lost loved ones.


By the way Barrister, I wasn't saying anything negative about you when I linked off of your post. Thats what I was reading when the rant hit. Good list you had there, did you have Bryan Pillman on there as well?


They said he was proud that he had been sober for 4 yrs, he actual had 3 daughters. steriods or HGH might not be considered nonsober for there crowd thou.


kerry von eric


Don't forget Andre the Giant.

Wrestling is a hard life.


What happened to Miss Elizabeth?!?! She turned into a total MILF!


He had acromegaly, although I heard he also drank quite a bit.


she died of a OD at Lex Luger's house, He got about 30 charges for controled substances and steriods.


That's right -- I forgot about Dino Bravo. Didn't he get shot as part of some drug deal gone bad?