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Pro TRT Doctor in Tampa?

I’m looking for a PC doctor in the Tampa area that is pro TRT and accepts insurance, I’m currently having a bit of a problem finding one. I took the advice on the stickie of this forum but that keep referring me to a uro or endo.

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Members at LEF.com can ask for referrals there. LEF is near you.

KSman I was trying to send you a PM but couldn’t seem to figure it out. I think I may have found somebody and my insurance takes his office, he is a PC http://www.stpetersburgbioidenticaldoctor.com/testosterone-replacement-therapy-st-petersburg-fl/

Can you give me your opinion?

PM’s were killed off years ago.

“St. Petersburg FL Testosterone Replacement Therapy Specialist, Colin Chan, M.D. at West Coast Primary Care has helped hundreds of men feel better physically and emotionally with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). This is a method of naturally replacing what your body has lost through the normal aging process. Unlike traditional doctors who typically use synthetic hormones, Colin Chan, M.D. of West Coast Primary Care believes that Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy offers the best results with fewer side effects. The cell structure of Bioidentical Hormones, which occur naturally in several types of plants, closely matches what the human body produces.”

BHRT often means T creams. “synthetic hormones” may be testosterone esters. However, as your body processes T esters, the ester groups are removed and the result is bio-identical T. Injected T esters are a time release bio-identical testosterone delivery system.

“You may receive Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy by injection” suggests otherwise.

You need to ask questions upfront of an appointment.

Their website is very thin.

Once of the best clinics in the country is in Tampa, but they don’t accept insurance!

Insurance: Best bet is finding an enthusiastic GP…

Are you talking about Titan? I have looked at them but it’s a bit expensive.

Is bioidentical testosterone the same thing as synthetic T? Every clinic i have looked at say bioidentical t.

As I stated, the distinction is rather bogus. Injected T is least cost and 100% absorption. T gel$ and cream$ are typically 10% absorbed at best. If you sweat, shower or swim, it is lost. Transdermal T is highest T–>E2 potential, injected is least. If you are around young kids, you need to avoid any skin transfer of T!!

If your thyroid function is poor, you may not be able to absorb T gels or creams.

Compounding pharmacies are typically producing T creams.

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I’m referring to Defy Medical. Dr Saya posts at excel male and he’s top notch. Their prices are some of the best for non insurance TRT.

Bio identical means a lot for women as big pharma created a lot of fake hormones that can be harmful. Men so not have such concerns, T is T.

Try Tampa Testosterone.They are based in Brandon and are affordable.
You do your own injections through them.Initial startup can be pricey with labs and consultation though.

Like what in terms of prices, I was trying to get my pc to but he isn’t budging. I can go underground but rather have a script and land and such

Probably around the $350 range to get started, then $125 per mo with estrogen control.

Is it prescribed for up to 400 every 14 like others or how’s it work. It really funny I don’t know about this place my gym is like 2mins away lol FF10

They send you a vial once a month with needles and syringes. Also with any anastrozole you would need. I bought some more needles and syringes and inject twice a week. They give you enough for once a week.

Ok, how often do you get labs? What did they prescribe

Check out the National Rejuvenation Center.

i believe labs are every 3 months. I was prescribed 200mg /wk.

I’m using Tampa Rejuvenations Oldsmar (they have several other offices) for weight loss and TRT. They prescribed the injectable and the progesterone control drugs and I visit weekly, which is no problem because the clinic is near me. I’ve been with them for a month and a half and so far I’m pleased.