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I was wondering if anybody knew what it is the Men's national level as well as IFBB pro competitors use for their tans? I know that nearly all of the competitors with the best color use pro tan, but back stage they apply some additional as well. It looks like Dream tan.. but that is banned in most states by NPC and yet I see this is Nats. all the time.



Judges are actually marking down the dream tan look from what I heard.

Pro Tan and Jan Tana are the big players...

I personally like Jan Tana. Super orange, but gives the best tan on stage. Pro Tan is nice too but it takes waaaaaaay to many coats and time to get a nice tan.

The best pro tan's I've seen were on guys who didn't shower a couple days out and started applying it then. I have to shower so I opt for Jan Tana the morning of...next time I'm getting professionally airbrushed a few hrs before prejudging.

Jan Tana FTW...followed by Pro Tan.


Thanks man, I have been meaning to try Jan Tana, and mix the two together (A trick I learned). I used pro tan for my last show, and showered every morning to get rid of extra tan to leave a smooth natural look, but came out just a little lighter than I wanted. So Im going to try not showering it off thurs thru fri. Possibly one shower the morning of the show and a final light coat after the shower and before pre.


I heard some guy in the audience at the NYPRo bitching about how the DreamTan looks like mud. Still, after my contest experience, I doubt I'll be using the pro-tan again. Most of the guys who did well in my show made use of the Dreamtan products, and I guess being as pale as I am, unless I want to use 20 coats of protan or Jan Tana, I'll be opting to use it as well.