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Pro Strongmen Gym Training?

I’m trying to find out how pro strongmen train in the gym, not their actual event training. Do they split their bodies up or try to train the whole body to mimic a contest?

The only thing I ever found was an interview with Poundstone and he pretty much uses a body part split routine.


try reading up on marunde-muscle

the strongman guys i train with train movements 2-3 days a week then have an event day once a week. movements can vary, as long as it makes them stronger for strongman they will do it.

1 guy does overheads and squats, deadlifts, o-lifts and throws, strongman day for his split.

another does deadlifts, bench and overhead, squats, and strongman day.

Most strongmen follow basic powerlifting splits, varying squat types and always deadlifting, using events as assistance, and adding in oly lifts or throws and jumps before their strength work. Technique and conditioning is trained after, sometimes on off days or in the gym if they have time. I train the Conjugate method, personally, which works great.

My training log would be a good place for this info.

I believe I have an outline of my structure on the first page, structure changes as contests get closer tho.

Look up the Turn your govenor article I wrote a few months ago…thats how I train.
pm me if you have questions