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I have been researching some pro-steroid supplements like MAG-10, etc. According to some info I’ve seen there are certain load phases that you abide by.

There is also a reccomendation that you use other supplements like tribex when you’re off MAG-10, is this necessary?

is the only positive that you can cut off time in half?

With a training regime and diet like the T-Dawg 2.0 could I really see 10 pounds of LNB in 8 weeks?


how could you put on 10lbs on a hypo-caloric diet? Mag-10 is good but not a miracle. it has had a lot of good reports while dieting though, in the ability to preserve LBM.
Try the Massive Eating Diet if you are bulking, just be wary that the calories are quite high for most people, but the Mag-10 could take care of that excess nicely.
If you want to do cylces as quick as possible then do tribex in between, if you are only doing one cycle then the tribex isn’t as nessecary.
If you want to stay “on” for the whole 8 weeks go on 4ad-ec. :slight_smile:

If you want to put on the lean mass, you can do it with the t-dawg 2.0 diet. Many people on this forum will tell you that it is only for losing fat/weight and that you have to do “Massive Eating” plan to put on muscle. This is hogwash. If you want to put on size, use the calorie counts from "Massive Eating"ie:very high, but use the macronutrients and foods from “t-dawg”. You’ll have to make up the extra calories from fats, and plenty of it. Do not be affraid of the fats. This is the way most of the bodybuilders from the 50’s,60’s and 70’s did it before the carbo and aerobics revolution of the late 70’s and 80’s.

I am a little confused as to the term pro-seroid delivery.


Basically the delivery system is the ether-carbonate attached to the prosteroid. This prolongs the half life of the active ingredient so you have high blood levels throughout the day, hence it is more active. As far as i am aware no other supplemnt uses this -EC bond making the Biotest stuff somewhat unique. The Pro-steroid i think is more marketing than anything, basicaly because 1AE and 4ADEC are steroids. The term Pro indicates that it may convert to an other substrate (steroid) and then pose as an anabolic. In short i think Mag-10 is a solid product and you should give it a go if ya wanna bulk up!

As for putting on size with the T-dawg diet, yes ofcourse you could put on size if you changed the macronutrient amounts, total calories etc, but then it wouldnt really be the t-dawg diet it would just be, well, eating. The idea of bulking up on less than 100g of carbs is silly to me. Just my thoughts. I would stick with massive eating, but whatever you do, you gotta get you carbs if you are bulikng on MAG-10