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Pro Steroid Article - by John Stossel No Less!



there are way too many idiots who would fuck their bodies up if they legalized roids,
If they ever do legalize roids, a mandatory test should be given, covering the basic aspects of PCT, dosages ,and drug selection.


How about just making sure it is not sold to under 18s, and making sure there is sufficient education about use?

People have the right to fuck themselves up if they want. Why should you have to power to regulate how people treat their bodies?


Fuck legalization of gear, There would be to many people fucking themselves up and way more big dudes walking around which would make getting big not as cool.


Under 18? No way, if it ever happened which it won't, I think the minimal age should be 25.


Stossel has long been a smart and interesting guy. A fine article.


Funny Video

somewhat related to the lack of education the public has about roids.


Good article. I do find it hilarious that plastic surgery in all of it's various forms is totally acceptable for vanity's sake yet lies and outrageous exaggeration by those with an agenda paints steroids as these horrible drugs.

Blah...the best we can hope for in the US is for the law to be changed to where its not a crime to possess or use them, but it is one to sell them.


I'm in Australia, but here is my take on drugs (steroids included).

All drugs should be legal. They should be produced by pharmaceutical companies under licensed by the government. Controls would be the same as for any other pharm drug or food.

Drugs that aren't for treatment of a known and demonstrated condition should be taxed at a similar rate to alcohol and other luxuries. This would make the drug far cheaper than sold by criminal enterprise, and provide a known quality of drug to users. There would be black market use of course, but no more than with dexamphetamines, pain killers and psych medication at the moment.

To get your approval for a certain drug you would visit (and actually see) a doctor and they would run a battery of tests and psych tests. These would either be paid for by the inteded user, or through the taxes taken by the sale of the new plethora of drugs. Approval process woudl be different depending on what you want, it's essentially like getting a license for a car vs a bike vs a truck.

Once approved the distribution of these drugs would be tracked using a federal system (in Australia this would be simpler) and so you simply cannot buy more than the amount of the drug an individual is allowed. Systems would monitor sales for patterns and random checks could be performed on the distribution participants as is currently done.

I think the taxes raised would cover anything you wanted to do to make this system a reality.

Some will claim that if people have drugs for free then we will just become a drug addled society of losers. I don't know about you, but I just turned 29 and while at 25 I was getting drunk almost every weekend and taking all manner of amphetamines at least once a month, now it's a very rare thing.

I honestly think people are going to find whatever way possible to be fucked at life, it's just that at the moment one way for a lot of people is out of control. Why not control it rather than try to nip at it's heals from time to time.

In any case I think you can absolutely make steroids legal. They should only be available to those over 21-25 anyway due to hormonal issues, that would just be one of the rules.

Would you really go through all of that to get steroids to give them to someone else. Only to be asked to take a blood test, come back that you haven't been taking them then go to jail? I doubt it. Similarly with cocaine, speed, whatever. Even for amphetamines that aren't really traceable after 12-24 hours, the drugs can have a marker put into the government distributed drug.

Anyway, that's my rant :slight_smile:


Chris Bell, creator of the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster, claims Stossel contacted him/his people and parroted all the information he was given by Bell and his people in his article. Bell and his people were given no credit whatsoever.


They will not make them legal in the US because it would bankrupt us even more if we lived a healthy life into our 80's. They dont give a rats ass about our health they plan is to have us die so we dont take out of social security what we put in!!!



1) I didn't see a single idea or opinion that wasn't out there before Bigger, Stronger, Faster. For example, didn't you have opinions such as those before BSF? I certainly know I've seen the cosmetic surgery argument many times years before there ever was Bigger, Faster, Stronger. I saw nothing that possibly have been novel to BSF.

2) Unless you use other people's words, their opinions are based on unique research or are really novel or so forth, and especially not when they are not new to the person, it's not necessary to credit them, as they are not the creators.

If Stossel ripped off Bell's words, that is one thing.

If he wound up coming to the same conclusions, including after having heard Bell say them, nope, Bell is being a whiner.


You mean a person should demonstrate they have the same views and conclusions that the government does, else they should not be permitted to use anabolic steroids?


I had not read the linked article, but for my advanced comp class this year I wrote an editorial defending steroid use by comparing it to cosmetic surgery.




No Bill, what I meant was that we all take exams for everthing we do in life.
ex: driver's license, most idiots can pass this exam, lol
but the idea is once you recieve your driver's license you have a basic understanding of traffic laws and how to drive a vehicle, badly if its a girl. lol

ex: this one guy told me that he would inject without ever aspirating, stupid move, that is why a simple basic exam should be given so there isn't a bunch of embolisms, or heartattacks, or bitchtits etc......


I think the difference is that there actually are government officials who understand correctly what constitutes safe and unsafe driving.

If you believe that persons the government might choose to devise a steroid test would in fact have good and knowledgeable judgment on it -- if you believe the government is capable of deciding who has a good understanding of steroid use and who does not -- that's your prerogative.


Hey bill, what is up with the attitude? you are bitching about something that will never happen, lol you are starting to sound like a conspiracy nut, I don't want to play
D&D Steorids with you anymore. :slight_smile: j/k


Rather to me it's just an amazing idea that the government would even hypothetically be looked to as a knowledgeable source on steroid use, whose approval one ought to earn for it to be legal to use steroids.

Not only don't I agree with the idea, to me it is fundamentally whacked.

For example, not that many years ago, a government question on anabolic steroids would undoubtedly have been along the lines of:

"Have anabolic steroids been shown to increase athletic performance or increase muscle mass in man?"

And their expert answer would have been "No."


I read that somewhere, oh well, I still like to read your articles, but you have to agree that there are way too many idiots out there who would just give steroids a bad name if the stuff could be just bought over the counter., "like in mexico" viva mexico!!!