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Pro Soccer Team Signs 7 Yr Old



Spanish soccer club Real Madrid has signed a 7 year old prospect named Leonel Angel Coira.

Coria "will begin training September 6th."

How do you guys feel about this?

As a parent would you let your kid be wooed and signed by a professional team when they are in 2nd grade?


This usually comes with a suitable job for the parents, a very nice place to live, etc.

It's always like this. I hate Real Madrid to death, so I hope this kid is a failure.


What a joke. Why not sign him when he's of age?


So one else takes him.


What is the difference in this vs Billy Ray Cyrus? Or any other child star pimped by their parents?


this kids dad doesnt have a sweet mullet


And I meant his kid not him. But yes the rocking mullet.


That's a retarded statement.


Im forcing my duaghter into boxing and wrestling


Yes I would. Growing up in South America, I know I would have LOVED to be signed by ANY European team as a kid, specially a team like Real Madrid. If this kid really is as good as they think he will be, he is pretty much set for life if everything goes smooth ( no injuries etc).

Lionel Messi, the best player in the world at the moment, was signed by Barcelona when he was young, not as young as this kid but young. He had medical issues and Barcelona took him under their wing after no teams in Argentina wanted to pay for his expensive treatment.

"He showed all the signs of having a promising footballing career ahead of him but at the age of 11 he was diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency that required expensive treatment.

His parents could not afford it but after some tentative signs of awareness in MessiĆ¢??s talent from Barcelona, they decided to move to Spain. Messi tried out for Barca and the club was so impressed it agreed to pay for his medical treatment."


Nothing. However, if I lived in Argentina I would probably let him sign as well. In about ten years I might be saying the same thing about living here.


I don't see a problem, but I don't necessarily understand the terms of this contract. Is he considered a "professional" now?

This kind of stuff is rampant in hockey, but less on an international scale. 7 Is sort of young still though.


Well, I already know you dislike Barcelona, so no surprise.


If the kid were from the US he'd be about the same size as most professional soccer players and could start playing right now.


Yeah, he would cover half of the goal by just laying there.


I read the article and this isn't anything spectacular. The kid only received an one year contract and doesn't get paid. The family is already living in Madrid for three years. Isn't that comparable with elementary school students starting to play football? In europe we don't have many school sports team, so many clubs have huge youth teams.


ESPN reported last night on SportsCenter that the initial contract involves no money, and that the child will be compensated with stickers and gum.

I'm great with sarcasm and I honestly couldn't tell if they were joking or not.


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