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pro skating

I am ten years old and I want to be a pro skater. What should I focus on in my training?

I’m no skater…and I could be wrong here…but maybe you should concentrate on…


I think Ian King wrote some column on training for young people (jr. high or younger I think) a while ago. Although I do not remember the url, I think you can find it by using the search engine. From what I remember, I think he talked about developing flexibility and core strength. Absolutely no supplementation other than multi-vitamin (no pro hormones for you!) and maybe protein powder?

Since you want to be a pro skater, you may also want to get a coach/trainer who can help you out also. You should talk to an organization on skating or other skaters who have trainers/coaches helping them to see if there’s someone in your area who you (or in this case, your parents) can afford. Good luck! :slight_smile:

What kind of skater? Inline? Speed skating? Figure skating? In any event, make sure you work on your skills as much as possible.

I’d get a good skating coach and focus on skating.

I think he is thinking more along the lines of Tony Hawk…

If you mean skateboarding, I would recommend smoking a lot of pot. If you mean ice skating I would recommend smoking some c…

If you’re talking about “pro-skater” as in Tony Hawk type skateboarding, I think I can help you out. I used to skate avidly in junior high, and I have a lot of friends who are still really into it. First, you need a board. Stay basic–do not spend more than $150, because you’re going to be going through about 2 a year, and an expensive one isn’t going to help you learn any fast.

Obviously, the main thing is to keep skating, as everyone else has said so far. That's the main thing. Like anything else, in order to be truly great at it, you need to know a lot about it, so go to as many sources as you can and just soak up all the info possible. Go to skate parks and watch the older guys and girls, and as them for any tips they might have. They're generally willing to help you out.

While you'll mainly be focusing on skateboarding, a lot of my friends recommend roller-blading, as well. It helps develop the additional balance that you'll need when doing some of the more advanced stuff. Additionally, it will aid in strengthing the muscles in the legs, which will be essential. There's a lot more carry-over than you'd think. Experimenting with ice-skating and snowboarding may help as well.

As far as exercises you can do for training, you need core training. Strong abs and erectors will improve your balance tremondously. I don't know what level you're at now, or what type of tricks you do, but if you're planning on handplants and the like, I suggest a lot of grip, arm, shoulder and back work. But, you're young, so that's just for future reference. I would say some pushups and situps for right now, then maybe wait a year or two before moving up to weights.

The most important thing is to stay healthy...do yourself a big favor and stay away from smoking and drugs. I don't want to sound like a parent, but I know a lot of guys who could have been pros, but simply can't breathe after a few minutes. It's a waste. Anyway, this is long enough, so I'll stop. Goodl luck, bro! Keep us updated. Hope this helps.

p.s. Um...if this WASN'T about skateboarding, then I just wasted quite a bit of time, didn't I?

Do your parent(s) know you’re posting on this forum? There’s alot of info on this forum I wouldn’t want my 10 year old reading…

Am I the only one who noticed that this kid’s writing skills are suspiciously advanced for his age? Maybe I’m just used to seeing improper grammar, but something’s fishy.

Eh, I wrote like that when I was ten. There are some kids that can write cohesive sentences, you know :wink:

Some kids can, but sadly most adults can’t. :slight_smile: