I’ve been hearing more and more lately that probiotics are really great for you. Didn’t know much about them, and after reading a bit about them, they sounded like they are pretty good for your body, gut health specifically.

Then, I heard about prebiotics. My understanding of them is that a prebiotic basically feeds a probiotic, and that you should be eating them (whether it’s food or a supplement) if you’re taking a probiotic (again, whether in food or supplement form).

My questions are, are pro/pre biotics as wonderful for you as people are making them sound, what are the main benefits of them (I think I know but I like hearing other people’s opinions), is a prebiotic a necessity if you’re taking a probiotic, what are the best food sources to get each from, and if you were to take them in supplement form, any brands/types you’d recommend? As far as I know, Biotest doesn’t sell anything like that (but I could be wrong).

Just trying to get an idea and more knowledge regarding this topic for health purposes. Some relatives have had a lot of digestion and stomach issues and I thought maybe these could help. Thanks!