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Pro-peace crusaders...where are they now?

Without falling into the definitions debate, here is what I found on dictionary.msn.com:


  1. politics tyrant: a leader who rules a country with absolute power, usually by force

Look at this one (same site):

  1. history temporary Roman ruler: in ancient Rome, a temporary appointed leader with absolute power to deal with a crisis or an emergency

Things sure change with time.

As for politics, democracy (USA) is the closest thing to freedom of choice for now. The ultimate (for me) would be democracy + free entreprise + no government interfering in economics (no subsidies and laws that keep out real-market competition). A geniocracy (ruled by science) or meritocracy would be excellent too.

Don’t worry about alternatives (socialist, communist,etc.) though. Human nature and history guarantees that you’ll always have groups who can’t hack it getting together (misery loves company) and (worse even), like battered women, WANT to be lead and/or dictated. You take what you want.

Anybody that is NOT pro peace has some serious mental issues. However, there is also a time when one should NOT turn the other cheek. Wisdom is knowing the difference.

Iscariot, perhaps you were playing devil’s advocate as your posts are well thought out,
but please give an example of a dictatorship or autocracy that actually improved the quality of life for it’s people & without causing harm to others.


I guess I’ll jump in on this thread…

Bush is an idiot. Blah blah blah.

Here is a link to support my claim:


Things get quiet so you guys go looking for trouble. How sad! Oh, here is another link you might try: