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Pro. or Carbs first?

I remember reading in Muscle Media that you should eat one before the other but am not sure if it was Protein before Carbs or visa versa. Anyone able to help out?

Since the combination of foods slows the absorption of carbs, I eat the protein immediatly before or with my carbs. This is something I have grown accustomed to doing, although it’s mostly theory…I havn’t seen anything to substantiate it, however.

For an optimal effect, don't eat the carbs before the protein; carbs are assimilated much faster when eaten alone.

don’t worry about it

Eat the protein before the carbs is what I believe it is to be, doing so the carbs will less likely give you the sleepy effect, I believe that it has to do with something about the tryptophan crossing the brain barrier, that is if you are eating a lot of carbs with it.

it really depends on what it is you are eating, but as a general rule i eat my protein roughly 7min 15.31sec before my carbs. :o) kevo

I thought tryptophan was concentrated in turkey?? Dude I don’t think its a popular ingredient in protein shakes??? We are trying to get bigger, not fall asleep…