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Pro MMA Fighter LOG


The last year has been the worst and best of my life at the same time
I did things and took things that I shouldnt have and I royally fucked my health up. I was in hospital for 5 weeks and nearly died. I was a ranked fighter in my country, won a few championships, was a pro fighter doing well for myself, then fucked it all up.

Now Over the last year I had two near death experiences and its fucking changed me let me tell you that. Nearly dying of heart problems at 22 years old and being in hospital for 5 weeks, then being attacked with a deadly weapon by 3 burglars robbing my neighbour and fighting them off while they attack me with said weapon, until they run away, the last year has tested me in more ways than I can tell you.

While fighting I was 145lbs, with a 1 rep max on bench press of 350lbs, deadlift of 507lbs and clean and jerk of 240lbs. Say what you want about how valid those lifts were, but I was a pro fighter training 6 hours per day. 3 hours lifting in the morning, 3 hours mma at night. But those were my best lifts and ive got to get it back.

Ive used those bad experiences and used them to motivate me into doing something productive with them.

Ive opened my own MMA school and its doing well. Im not going to give any personal details, but thats all Im gonna say.

This log is simply a log for my thoughts, a record of my workouts for record keeping and of course chatting away with anyone whos interested in mixing strength training and MMA.

I love olympic lifts, i love powerlifting. i love mma. so here youll see all 3.

As i said i nearly died twice, and am finally back on track training hard.

right now im doing weights every morning for 2 hours and teaching and training mma for 3 hours in the evening.

2011 is my year to fucking smash it.

first workout, 10pm over here is ab rollouts 10x10.
pre workout shake with 80g protein in it and 75g carbs from electrolyte shake in it. same post workout.
will post back sunday with my push workout and mma session


Usually, 5 sets of ab rollouts kill me and the next day Im always in agony with DOMs soreness.
With the pre workout and post workout shake of 75g carbs and 80g protein before and after training, today I have zero soreness. So fucking happy. Its kind of a DIY attempt of doing the anaconda protocol on the cheap. Last night I did 10 sets and still no soreness.

Looking forward to training tomorrow with the supplements like this.


Bench press 72.5kg 5x5
Dumbbell bench press 24kg 5x10
Military press 40kg 1x10 30kg 2x10